'Tis the Season: Christmas and "Pagan Origins"

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    Good advice on Christmas moderation.

    I agree that there are other Christian groups that are against Christmas. I would argue, however, that such opposition to celebrating Christmas is not the historical Christian position but surfaces about 500 years ago and are based on a faulty reasoning: that a history showing some sort of use of a custom by non-Christians means it's somehow tainted. Just as meats offered to idols (as discussed by the Apostle Paul) incurred no lasting taint and could be freely eaten (except for possibly stumbling others) so customs that have new meanings but were once connected to other religions (such as wedding rings, etc.) are not inherently tainted either.

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    I think the term 'Pagan Origens TM ' when used perjorativly like that by JWs or EvanKoolAidIcals, is very vauge and meaningless. One could say that ALL things have some connection to pagan origens.

    OMG! trees are PAGAN! eating meat is pagan. houses with white paint are pagan; window trims are pagan; door lintels are pagan; arches are pagan; fire is pagan; farts are demonic (Well that might be true); cheese is pagan. At what point do acknowledge the absurdidty of it all?

    Re: Christmas and "Pagan Origins", there is a great deal there. Reading about Yule and Solstice traditions in Scandinavian contries would probably be a very interesting ecploration for you, even if you personally are not 'Pagan'.

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    A follow-up article:
    The Pagan Origins of Christmas?

    Excellent .


    Christmas ti's the season to be gay. Personally I stick to loosening up with a few Scottish malt whiskies but each to their own.

    The fact that the festival has pagan origins adds a sense of realism and hedonistic delight. I always carry a large bunch of mistletoe as it covers a multitude of sins.

    Stuff the Christmas pudding! No I don't even eat it - much too rich. As for stuffed Turkey - get real. I want fillet stake and king prawns on Christ's birthday.

    Merry Christmas to y'all.

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    Gladiator has attacked the correct and skewered it ( along with some prawns) with his gladius !

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    Hey, that's not a nice thing to say about Judaisim (or any other religion for that matter)!


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    ^ Tee hee hee!

    Not sure this is exactly on topic but I think it sums up Paganism beautifully:

    To be Pagan

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