I'm longing for the day...

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  • Newborn

    ...when my beloved sister will call me and say " hey sis, you were right, I'm also leaving the borg for good!! Now we can make up for all this lost time and enjoy life together as we should".

    I just can't give up thinking that this will come true.

    I just miss her too much... and I can't imagine how it must feel for those of you who's lost your children.


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I know just how you feel. It's hard when your family can't understand why you left.

    I hope one day we can both say what you wrote to our sisters.

  • snowbird

    That day is coming for all of us.

    Just hang in there.


  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    same here with my brother! I do think some day one of his kids will show up at my house and say "save me" maybe that will wake the parents up?

  • Newborn

    I hope you're right Syl

  • QuestioningEverything


    I felt very sad when I read your post. Your post hit me in the heart, I have two sisters and I can't fathom not having them around to share my life with. They are my best friends.

    I hate what this religion does to families!!! It's a CULT!!

  • AGuest

    Greetings, dear Newborn, and may you have peace!

    I think what many may miss (and I do not mean to offend but to only state the truth), is that a lot DO want to come out... but don't know where to go if they do. Although they have lost their faith in the WTBTS and it's GB/elders... they have not lost faith in God and Christ. Sadly, there are few who will tell them that there is no "where" to go away to, but only a Whom. For most have lost their faith altogether.

    Because his brothers and sister did not have to give up their faith in God and Christ in order to leave the WTBTS, my dear husband has had virtually his entire family come out: his two adult children, two of three brothers and their wives and children, and a sister, her husband and child. All have left. Because of the example they say in him: he left the WTBTS - he did not leave God and Christ. Only one brother remains... and he is now asking many questions.

    It is unkind and unloving to attempt to entirely destroy another's faith. The complete giving up of one's faith is something that should be done by CHOICE... NOT by the compulsion... and certainly not by the harassing ridicule of others who consider themselves "smart[er]." There is NO love in doing such a thing, but only a self-serving satisfaction that one has gained another one to his/her way of thinking. Failing to remember this has led to the death of some, even at their own hand - because they could not handle life without some level of faith in God. That some remain in with loved ones, although no longer having faith in the WTBTS themselves... or accompany loved ones... or support loved ones who still have faith in it... is evidence that even THEY know that trying to destroy such one's faith... in GOD... could possibly kill them.

    My point? If one has nothing else to offer a loved one enslaved in the WTBTS than "there is no God," then one should be ready for a long wait. If the one "in" even ever entertains leaving. Which is highly unlikely. These, although misled, are "conscious of their spiritual need," and no one has the RIGHT to remove that, without their full permission. Harassing and ridiculing them for even believing in a God is absolutely NO different than harassing and ridiculing them for not believing in the WTBTS. Which that organization and its members do to those who don't believe as they do. Absolutely NO difference.

    Of course, there is an alternative, a TRUTHFUL alternative; however, I am not permitted to go into that here. It is beside the point of the thread and my response. My point is, to those who want loved ones to come out, that if you're going to "kill" them spiritually to GET them out, then you may as well leave them in. Because the result will be the same: either way, they are dead... spiritually.

    I bid you peace!

    A slave of Christ,


  • OnTheWayOut

    We don't have to know or offer the absolute truth to leave the absolute lie. I share your hope with you and you can share it for with all of us for our loved ones, too.

  • Ding

    They don't understand why you left... but they usually won't listen when you try to tell them.

  • RosePetal

    My heart so goes out to you Newborn, it hurts to read your words, I hope and pray with all my heart your wish comes true, as sylv said we have just got to hang in there and have faith.


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