DAY of DOOM: Armageddon Comes for the WatchTower--- April 5, 2011

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  • cameo-d

    Cameo: "And if it doesn't happen in 2011, we can just move the date to 2012 and say we "got a bit ahead of schedule"."

    and say we "got a bit ahead of schedule". "Ran ahead of Jehovah" I meant to say.

    There is something about using loaded lingo that makes JWs agree that it's "OK".

  • ldrnomo

    Looks to me more like


    to me.

    Anyway, I guess it's all over by next spring.


    Note Jehovah's Witnesses don't make any predictions by setting forth dates as far as I know.

    Absolutely 100% certain the Day of Doom will not take place on April ,5,2011 .Any date set forth must be well based on the Bible and explained in a logical consistent way .

    Go to http:// how Harold Camping explains May,21,2011 as a day Jesus will return and the Judgement Day will begin and will last 153 days to October 21,2011 .

    Camping's declaration is pretty scary to some people just tune to Open Forum alive by Harold Camping.

    Yet , Jehovah's Witnessesa even if they don't predict any specific date are in awesomely good position . I am using theit timeline of Biblical history and pull them in into the endtime process the way they should be considered.

    Their beliefs are very good as compared to many other christian religions.

    http://www.focusonthebible . See there Jehovah's views count a lot in our times as they fit in into the endtime true christianity.

    The dates that are linked to them or their predecessors: the International Bible Students count .

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    The coincidence of dates being significant?

    This is an old one - and one that has consistently been shown to mean SFA (which stands for "Sweet Fanny Adams").

    C.T. Russell no doubt read much into how the so-called "Chronological Marks" of the Great Pyramid listed such dates as 1874 and 1914:

    - which matched those arrived at, (and later discarded) by N.H. Barbour ; and then adopted (and retained) by Charles Russell.

    However, the "proof of the pudding" as they say, is in the eating - and nothing Russell predicted happened (whether his dates coincided or not).

    You had better write an escape clause into this one, like F.W. Franz did with 1975 (i.e. the time lapse before Eve was created). Because - you are going to need one!

    Bill (Who has seen it all before).

  • AGuest

    Ummm... I shouldn't have posted that (may you all have peace!) and so I've been "corrected." My sincere apologies... and nevermind. Not a thread I need to participate in.


    A slave of Christ,


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