Jan Awake, stating JW's are only true religion

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  • lostsheep82

    I haven't posted in a long time. Most trying to recover and still get my head straight, this religion when you find it's not the 'truth' is hard to move on sometimes. My mom urgently needed to speak to me about a magazine that just came out. You can download the PDF for January 2011 awake here:


    It blatently states that JW's are the only true relgion quoting book writers and the relgion encyclopedia. My mom is super excited and the JW's have been waiting for an article like this to come out. I know they have said it before, but are they grasping at straws here? I want so badly to have my mom realize the truth about this religion but they publish stuff like this it makes the believers all the more avid!

    It makes me shake my head in frustration:(

  • Magwitch

    LOST SHEEP: It makes me shake my head in frustration:(

    I shake my head in absolute frustration when I hear my parents drone on about the only and absolute "TROOF"

    At this point I feel it is best for my parents to die believing it is the only true religion. It has been their whole life and now they are at the end of that JW life. Sometimes it is best to let them have their fairy tale.

  • leavingwt

    She probably believes that Armageddon is "just around the corner", too.

  • ziddina

    Oh, for pete's sake...

    I cannot believe that ANYONE not on the WatchTower payroll, would claim that they are the "TRUE™ " religion...

    Research the sources. Who the heck puts out this "religion encyclopedia", anyway????

    Also, 3 billion dollars can buy a lot of cooperation from small, struggling publishing companies....


  • sabastious

    I feel for ya lostsheep. It's hard to watch people rejoice over religious bigotry.


  • bohm

    The "Atheism on the march" magazine also had an interview with a scientist who assure the reader that all "true science" agree with the bible.

    "true" religion, "true" science, "true" worship. Whats next, all "true" facts agree with X? all "true" arguments agree with Y? Somehow the prefix "true" does not have the ring of credibility.

  • MrMonroe

    If the link at http://www.encyclopedia.com/article-1G2-3424501597/jehovah-witnesses.html is the article they're quoting from (and the online article is sourced to The Encyclopedia of Religion), it contains the following statements:

    • Like other sectarian Protestant groups founded in the later nineteenth century, they claim to restore Christianity to its original doctrines and practices.
    • In matters of faith and practice, Jehovah's Witnesses submit to the theocratic authority of the Watchtower Society.
    • Russell's personal life was marked by controversies. He based some of his biblical interpretations on analyses of the Great Pyramid ...

    The WTS is very skilled at plucking convenient quotes from published literature to give the impression of an official endorsement.

  • Paulapollos

    Hold on, JW's have been waiting for an article to come out that states that the Encyclopedia of Religion says they are "distinctive" because they claim "they base all their beliefs on “the authority of the Bible, which entirely supplants tradition.” ?

    Oh, and "A paper published by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine states that Jehovah’s Witnesses aim to overcome “racial, national, religious, social, and economical differences.” The study explains that Jehovah’s Witnesses do not engage in “anti-state activity” and are “law-abiding citizens of their country.” ?

    JW's have been waiting for this?

    If someone thinks that the EOR acknowledging that they don't have centuries of traditional interpretation to rely on, and that a Ukrainian organisation acknowledging that they try not be racist, classist and so on, and that they don't commit treason and sedition as a rule, and generally obey the law..........if a Witness reads that as "They are all saying we are the true religion".........oh dear!

    I think even the Witnesses will find as they read the next paragraph, it's not these organisations "recognising" them as "the true religion"! It's the Awake writers who say: "Because they closely follow the pattern of first-century Christians, it could be said that Jehovah’s Witnesses have successfully reinstated the form of worship that was established by Christ and his apostles." Er, ok. Or.....it could be said....they haven't....?

    If a JW used those quotes to say others recognised him as the true religion, i think perhaps kindly asking them to re-read the paragraph might help!


  • jwfacts

    It is frustrating the JW's are so ignorant as to get excited just because their magazine tells them they are special. So what; it holds no weight. That magazine article is not unique, they have made the same claims endlessly over their history, as do every marketing organization.

  • wiser

    who wrote this book, satan?

  • Paulapollos

    I wonder, if I could write something where I said, "I am special and unique and right and the only person trusted by God because.......I say I am." I wonder if I could get 7m people to give me some money too.....


  • MrFreeze

    Where can I send the check Paulapollos?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I haven't managed to find the quote in The Encyclopedia of Religion, but the author of that article, David L. Weddle, also wrote this article on JWs for Introduction to New and Alternative Religions in America.

    The Encyclopedia of Religion is deceptively quoted in the Trinity brochure. I doubt that there has been any change in the integrity of their journalism since then.

  • Paulapollos

    Mr Freeze,

    only you have responded, because only you have the right heart condition! I have much to share with you.....all you need to do is make the cheque out to C.ongregation of L.atterday A.nnointed P.eople of T.rue R.ighteous A.nnointed P.aulapollosians', and I will show you more sacred secrets....just remember MrFreeze, if anyone tries to convince you otherwise, ask yourself - do they have your best interests at heart like me?? I haven't even started showing you the truth......

    "remember, we don't tell it all (just as Jesus didn't) because some it (sic) is still a sacred secret..that must be held in complete confidence , by the Cheiftain of the Temple, who eats Bread in the Very Presence of God". (www.yorww.com)

    Looks like "God" is going to provide for me, I think I need to start looking for my new villa out in LA....to welcome all the holy men of old back of course, ahem....


  • MrMonroe

    Though to be fair, I've also found another Encyclopedia of Religion, http://www.gale.cengage.com/pdf/facts/EncyReligion.pdf, a 15-volume tome, that the Awake may be quoting. Among all the encyclopedias that include JWs, they've finally found one that says what they want. If it does.

  • Lily Pie
    Lily Pie

    Just read Jan Awake.... for interest you know....

    It's like reading Richard Dawkins (BTW I have no problem with athiests, just the *religious contemptuous athiest*). He too ires on about the ugliness of "religion"... All the while inspiring bigotry, divisiveness, intolerance, and most importantly - "contempt".

    This is preaching to the choir at its best!!!!

    The Watchtower publishes uninspiring crusades *against* the world. It makes them look ugly, and very very small minded. Good luck handing this out to householders.... It is nothing to be gleeful about. They should be ashamed.

    Lily Pie

  • Mary

    Someone did a post on this the other day as well. Witlesses have been tooting their own horn for decades, claiming that they and only they are 'true Christians'. Below is the chart that's in the Asleep magazine along with a um, more accurate one:

  • Spade

    Most people descend into disbelief because their prayers go unanswered. I doubted that my prayers were answered at all. What do JWs say about this or do they also think of God in strictly terms of an intellectual exercise as nobody talks about that here? The religion being true doesn't necessarily mean I'd be a part of it as I need nothing from God atm. Everything about the religion seems real personal to people here although here, all the information they publish is simply treated as an intellectual exercise.

  • ziddina


    If you'll include wild orgies, pot, free-flowing alcohol and tons of sugary sweets as part of your dogma [think Halloween, only year-round...], I'll send you a check, too!!!

    'Course, I don't know if it'll cash...

    So, am I "special" now, too???


  • booby

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary. But dead on.

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