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  • DaCheech

    my friend was just told by the elders, not to sit next to his girlfriend at the meeting until engaged.

  • CuriousButterfly

    Some congregations are like that....crazy!

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Where are your parents in all this? At 15, it should be up to the parents to determine what is appropriate behaviour for their kids, not the elders.

  • BlackTwisted

    my parents, well, my mom, i just talked to her about seems that she's on their side, but then again, she hasn't been to themmeetings, she has been studying. and my mom knows me well, so she knows i wont pounce on anybody .

    and i do agree with you, when elders becomes involve, it's like the elders are telling the parents how to raise their own child, which is somewhat another reason why i don't want to be baptized....yet. i want to get married and then get baptized, because knowing myself...if they asked me al lthose responses may be offensive. also, their so-called "rules" dont really help some, i mean, it does to some people, but don't they know that most JWs can think for themselves???? i mean, we are ALL imperfect. we ALL were born in sin, we all gonna sin at some points in our lives. man, i tel lyou, i think they make up the rules, yeah, the rules are meant for us not to sin and mess up, but,*shrugs*let's all face it. we all sin.

    I'm sorry, i didn' mean to think like a "wordly" person. but...this is what i think of it.

    @lesabre: i am sorry, that is why i dont want to be baptized yet, because of all that acussation of things people didn't EVEN do!. *sighs* this is why i am having second thoughts, though i know the end is near and is coming, i don't know if i want to get baptized until i am married...buitmthen again, dont they let you have wordly BFs in some congergations?

  • 1Robinella

    Especially at 15 hormones are going crazy (especially for the guy). My hubby has always told me that guys are not "friends" with girls just to be friends. Even if they don't make a move on you doesn't mean they wouldn't mind foolin' around. For me, I can be pretty gullible thinking "Hey, they are just my friend." Later on, I find out they had a crush on me.

  • 1Robinella

    Many years ago when I was married to my ex for about one years we used to live in the basement of my best friends house (she lived with her parents) It wasn't the typical creepy, ugly, smelly basement. It was really nice (I am picky) it actually had hardwood floors and windows that were street best friend was always an early morning kind of gal and I wasn't. I'd rather sleep in and wake up around nine gotta have that first cup of coffee before starting the day. My ex was very active (Jogging, swimming etc) and my friend would start her day walking all around town for about an hour. One day, the three of us were talking and (they wanted to loose weight and get a good workout before work) they decided to get up at freekin' 4:30 a.m. and jog for about 3 miles. They wanted me to go, I went once and because they have really long legs and I'm kinda small it was impossible to keep up with them. Besides the 4:30 thing was a huge turn off for me. I could care less if they went and I slept. So that's what we did. Not a big freekin' deal. Because of the type of picky elders we had in that particular hall that's why they decided to leave so early in the morning (still dark) so no one would freek out about it. (Our friend was over 18 if your wondering). Anyway they were doing this about a month (her parents didn't care, infact her parents were glad she was with someone safe) I was happy sleeping.

    One day, they ran into a "older sister" in the congregation and she flipped out. She yelled at both of them at the stop light, called the elders, called our friend was HUGE. The rumors started in the congregation that they were sleeping together and yadda yadda yadda. All of us were mad at the sister and the way the elders handled it. Before I knew it the three of us were being counseled by the elders and the elders looked at me and said "Are you going to file divorce? You would be scriptually free ya know." My husband got up and started yelling at them. I was yelling at them and kicked them out of my house. That's just one of many, many reasons why I haven't been back since....

    Be safe and don't listen to the elders. Listen to your parents.

  • BlackTwisted

    @1Robinella: oh my, some elders/JWs are hypocrites! they aren't even suppose to spread or start rumors around. so you know what, judging from all of these stories, i AM gonna listen to my parents..well parent (mom). i would do well listening to her than elders, i think elders be making those crazy rules up because the feel that they should control everyone, i heard once an elder cheated on his wife, an ELDER. heh, so that tells me that some elders aren't even trusted. os they need to stop acting like they are so freaking superior.that they can dictate anyone.i mean, i know we need a leaders and all but dang!

    so yeah, i am gonna listen to my mom.

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