WT Society Has to be Forced by Courts to Reveal Hidden Child Abuses

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    BAND on the RUN- I agree with you that the important thing is giving notice to the authorities and members of the congregation if a person is a child molester. The WT society's policy right now is they only require elders to report child abuse in a " mandatory " reporting state . Some states don't require it, but a good number of states do. WT society instructs elders to call their own legal department FIRST before going to police - which is totally wrong in my opinion . But it shows you where the WT society's priorities lie- there own legal welfare.

    Very true what you say about a judge getting a court order to force elders to report child abuse. And yes, that HAS happened when JW elders get stubborn and refuse to testify. Judges have ordered for them to appear and testify - even though they were told by the WT society initially NOT to testify. ( Google Gilbert Simental child molester case to see just one example ) . So it shows how they're trying to hide the child abuse problem.

    If the WT society would just make a policy to FIRST go to police, then next inform parents with children in their congregations as to WHO the child molester is - it would alleviate a lot of problems. But the WT society is too arrogant to do it the RIGHT way. It's THEIR way or no way. WT society has been like that for the last 130 years- and I don't see them changing any time soon, believe me. It's sad and hideous

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    I had an interesting conversation with an Elder in my old congro Re child molesters going from door to door.

    There is a child molester in my old congro.

    I told the elder that if i saw him regualy going to a persons house i would fell obliged to say something to the householder.

    The elder said to me "he has had councling and taken steps to rite his wrong doing"

    My reply "We know that and can make our own minds up about if we want him in our house or not....the person he is calling on dosen't know that...in effect you and the rest of the Elders have made the householders mind up for them"

    He gave me the standard cureall....leave it in Jehovah's hands.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    What would be the purpose of a secret databse chock full of info that can clearly indict the Society? It would be the last thing that seems prudent. If you are arguing that vicarious liability not be imposed b/c you are a congregational church and not hierarchical, a massive database compiled every so many KHs defeats your argument. Why keep it? Are they doing a targeted WT lit to pedophiles with nude children?

    If the corporations are so removed from KHS, a database is ridiculous. I feel like researching the hallmarks of hierarchical religions. Brooklyn rules absolutely. I think a court would look to conrete and pragmatic routine dealings rather than whatever theology is proposed by the group.

    I wanted to be a lawyer b/c of the Witness civil libertarian approach. My mom was expelled b/c of flag salute. Until now, I have been a First Amendment purist. With the Witnesses, Warren Jeffs, and Scientology, I am now in the gray zone.

  • flipper

    KARTER- Wow. Yeah, it sounds about like the typical wacked out response you'd get trying to tell the elder that the householder doesn't realize that child molesters are calling on their doors. " Leave it in Jehovah's hands ". Of course. And we've all seen what HAPPENS to children when it's left in " Jehovah's hands " , er - the " WT society's hands ". Really sad

  • wearewatchingyouman

    As far as the database goes... anyone here a member of Anonymous? they are supposedly all about exposing organizations who disregard human rights... and they certainly have the ability to make this happen... maybe one of you talented YT video producers could make a video outlining the argument and asking for assistance.... I don't know... just a thought...

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    BAND ON THE RUN- I think the purpose of the WT society keeping database files on child molesters is basically control over the offenders. If they know about them, their whereabouts, travels, etc - it's just another way of controlling what the WT society chooses to release to the authorities. I mean, who knows ? The WT society may have already destroyed the database files. It was so secret - no one will ever know because they are a secret closed society . As you said- perhaps they do have prurient motives to keep the files. Wouldn't put it past them.

    The corporations aren't so removed from the KHS as you think. The WT society is actively involved in a remodel program right now trying to assume ownership of Kingdom Halls again by funding remodel programs. What they want is total control, it's always been a high priority for them over people , property ( including children & their futures ) , and control over Witnesses minds.

    I believe in the 1st Amendment as well - however not if it's abused by religious cults stealing freedom of mind and speech from it's members. Then I feel the WT society and other cults ABUSE the 1st amendment. That's not freedom of speech- that's freedom to abuse. It's a vicious cycle

  • TotallyADD

    Hi flipper. I think this child abuse that is going on in JW land is going to be their achilles heel. I feel this will be their down fall. Even the most brain dead JW when they get all the imformation on this matter will wake-up. I may be wrong but a old guy like me can only dream. Totally ADD

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    Noticed this thread got bumped several days ago. I''ll reply.

    WEAREWATCHINGYOUMAN- An interesting and good thought on your part about the organization Anonymous possibly exposing the database pedophile number. I don't know HOW they would get into the WT society's records, but hey it's worth a try and a discussion to do it.

    TOTALLY ADD- I agree with you that the child abuse scandals could start a downfall towards the WT society's demise. But I think it will have to be big enough and get enough media attention AND have enough victims with the financial where with all to keep it going in the courts battling the WT society in order to GET the media attention it needs to become public. There are so many variables that need to fall in line to make the downfall happen correctly to succeed.

    VIOLIA- Wow ! So you were told by elders that a list DOES exist of JW child molesters ? Interesting. I'm so sorry you were molested and treated like crap. It is horrible that you were raped and the police were not called by the elders. Horrific. I do hope you have recovered in time and received some professional counseling to assist you my friend. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Please take care

  • flipper

    And yet another WT Society cover up by the WT Society regarding the Gilbert Simental case several years ago. Once again- WT Society NOT accepting responsibility. Please read

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    BTTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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