ELDERS want to meet with me?

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  • Farkel

    The elders probably don't want to me you at all. They can't count time for it, and that precious "time" is what will gain them their salvation. Helping wayward sheep won't, because it can't be counted, turned it, tallied and added to the Corporate flow charts.

    I would suspect the CO has a gun to their heads, and that is why they are doing it. If I'm right and you tell them to buzz off, you'd probably be doing them a favor as well as yourself. At least they can tell the CO they tried and they didn't have to hassle you over debate doctrine and WT policies

    Added bonus for them: they can get drunk earlier than usual!


  • WTWizard

    Blow it off. Tell them that a good time is when you know you are at work or are going to be away, and do not show up. If they show up at home, tell them that they have no business trying to invade your home, or holding you up when you have things to do, until they get a confession. I think that telling them when it would be good to meet by hanging up could do some good, but not if they show up at your front door and force their way into your home to tie you up until 3 in the morning to harass you back into the Kingdumb Hell.

    I wonder what would happen if you record the discussion right there at your home if they are visiting there. Use that recording as potential evidence. If they hound and threaten, give them a date and time--and make sure paddy wagons are waiting for them. You will have the recording as evidence for criminal harassment, and that would get them a nice fine and some embarrassment. Having the local newspaper reporting this story will help spread the embarrassment.

  • man711

    Tell them you will meet them for casual lunch.

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