JW Molesting a Boy is seen as nothing more than 'homosexual behaviour'

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

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  • Elder-Patrol

    No, there is no indication that this matter was "seen as nothing more than 'homosexual behaviour'".

    For that matter, the article states that JWs merely 'disapprove(!) of homosexual behaviour'; it's quite well documented that JWs more than frown upon it, they view homosexual acts as serious sin and view all unrepentant serious sin as meriting eternal death! So perhaps British understatement at work here.

    It seems that this disgraceful criminal would have been congregationally disciplined for multiple serious sins, including homosexual acts, fornication, loose conduct, gross uncleanness with greediness, lying, etc. Just because the article lists the most obvious sin doesn't mean the person wasn't reproved for others as well.

  • AvocadoJake

    I heard one fool say, the "child molesting that took place, was nothing more than playing doctor!" the boy being 19 years old and the girl being only 7 years old, what a brilliant elder this man is. To look me in the face and say, "they were just playing doctor and it was consenual." it took two men to pull me off this fool. I guess I was lucky, this man was too much of a coward to report me.

  • JRK


    I would have held him as you kicked the sh*t out of him.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I hate it when JW's try to minimize something that is just blatenly wrong to begin with, and water it down with terms that would be used for behavior by two consenting adults. I've heard molestations described as "homosexual behavior", as if it was two consenting adults. I think it was an elder in Australia that described a molestation that happened in his congregation.

    Is it me or are there a bunch of older threads lately that are receiving a resurrection?

  • AvocadoJake

    Since these issues are alive and we all, I would say they were resuscitated because we are still plagued by these bad men who down play what is wicked. What would you do if, you had a internet troll who follows what you say and follows you around in life? There are no worse men than those who have been removed for child molestation and tell the public ( I stepped down because I was tired)"I am taking a breather but I will be a elder again to serve you." a lie why they were removed. Those who blame the innocent children for "making me suduce you, putting Satanic thoughts into my head, I did not enjoy the sex because I felt guilty, so it is your fault." These are the fools some of us interact with on Wedsdays and Sundays depending on which night you meet for the spiritual encouragement.

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