JW Molesting a Boy is seen as nothing more than 'homosexual behaviour'

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    William Penwell

    I have heard other JW's refer to Molesting or pedophiles as Homosexual Behaviour.

  • WTWizard

    This is blatantly wrong. Usually, when those cockroaches molest a child, they are using the power they have of life and death to get the "consent". You usually have this sxxx going on during hounding calls, often when the child is baptized and being hounded. You make up a situation that "needs investigation", that could be a disfellowshipping grounds. The original charge is usually dismissed, but the child is molested. Then, there is a threat that they will be disfellowshipped if they blab it to others. Occasionally, you see that flimsy "Jehovah will be happy if you let me do it" crap. And, there are brazen incidents that come up from time to time where a witless will do this sxxx to a child while out in field circus, sometimes one they are working with and sometimes a householder's child.

    Regular homosexual behavior involves two people of the same sex, and they are co-equal or roughly so. Neither one has the means to coerce the other into consent with their authority. This can sometimes involve two children, usually playing around and around 6-12, or it can involve adults. But neither is coercing the other into doing it, and neither is threatening the other with destruction and a ruined life if word gets around. Both are willing to do it, which is almost never the case when those cockroaches go around molesting children in the congregation or in the territory.

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    @3Mozzies. Thanks. I was sure it would have been discussed but I only managed to get half of my post up. I am having trouble cutting and pasting.

    On the back of this news article, Bill Bowens letter to the WT headquarters, where he resigns as an Elder after 20 years or so due to the flawed 'two witness' policy has been circulating on Facebook. It was also put up on a blog page for discussion and received an unbelievable response from a JW. This is what my post was leading to. You can read it on.... Jehovahs Witness Refuted Blog, (which again I cant make clickable).

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    if its written off as homosexuality sin it keeps the pedo sin figures down?

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    Ive tried to make this a clickable link, but unsure if Ive got it right. Apologies if after submitting this its still not clickable :0

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