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  • SweetBabyCheezits
    Undercover: It's pretty natural, especially for faders who can't verbalize their feelings or thoughts to JW spouses or family. We come here and we vent and have our tantrums and then feel a little better.

    As my great-great-grandfather used to say, "True dat."

    I'd argue all day long with JW family if they'd let me so I think my pent up frustration just comes out here sometimes.

  • dandingus

    I just got a really strange validation word today. It required a character with a grave accent! I didn't have an easy way to create one (US keyboard layout), so I just refreshed to get a new word.

    I guess I could have switched language layouts or looked up and pressed the Alt+whatever combination to get to the right unicode character, but I'm lazy.

    I wonder if it would have taken the input if I just gave it the 'normal' vowel without the accent? Technically it's not the same Unicode character, so I would think string comparison would fail. Sorry for the tangent, I'm a programmer.

  • AGuest
    1. Are your validation words getting weirder? E.g., what is a jamstratt?

    Greetings, dear Miz Sylvie... and the greatest of love and peace to you, my sister! Yeah, they're weirder and I first I thought "what's up with that?" and then I just thought, "Well, it must be necessary else dear Simon/Angharad (peace to you both) wouldn't have it done. They're not usually arbitrary, so...

    2. When you are on a thread where posters are fighting and trading insults, how do you feel?

    I had to think about this because, truthfully, I think that what some might view as "fighting"... I don't necessarily see that way. What makes some "uncomfortable" does not affect me that way, at all. But then, more than slight discord between a so-called "loving" couple... or heavy arguing between siblings (young or grown)... makes me SERIOUSLY uncomfortable (how can you yell at someone you LOVE???)... while others consider it par for the course, even "normal." I've never yelled at my children or my husband(s)... and certainly couldn't take it from them (the first one tried - thus, hasta la vista, baby!).

    Where folks are "trading insults," that, too, for me is all about perspective. I don't always know when folks are joking, and sometimes I see something and, while I may WANT to gasp I hold it... until I see more, perhaps even the final outcome. Because it makes absolutely no sense to ME... to take offense FOR... someone who hasn't taken it for themselves. Unless they truly don't know better.

    I also believe, like dear AK-Jeff (peace to you and, yep, we agree on something - ) that one should be able to openly discuss what one believes... and passionately so... without being thought insulting or offensive. People in other parts of the world discuss things as mundane as today's price of bread in the market in such a manner.

    Would I LIKE if we could all just calmly, quietly, and peacefully discuss our difference in beliefs? Most definitely! But, as AK-Jeff said, I got enough of that in the WTBTS. There, I knew all SORTS of "peaceful" folks (yeah, right)... who wore "proper" clothing, and spoke in "proper tones" with "proper words," while saying "proper" things like, "I love the brothers," and "We have brotherly love," and "We are absolutely 'Jehovah's' people because we 'have love among ourselves'." All the while, HATING their fellowman... indeed, their own brothers... in their hearts. Speaking ill of others while smiling in their faces. Turning their backs on those in need because they considered such ones "worldly" (even some among them), and thus not even "worthy" of their compassion... while saying that they "love" everyone. Baloney!!

    I would MUCH rather discuss... and if necessary, defend... my beliefs with someone like, for example, dear NVL... or dear AK-Jeff... who, although lacking FAITH... and often a bit crass and/or stubborn, even unforgiving... have the wherewithall to at least tell me where they believe I am wrong, may have sinned against them... or where they disagree... rather than going around blowing me kisses while calling my Lord a demon... and/or talking about me behind my back... while asking me to join in their "love feasts." Why? Because although they may lack FAITH... they (1) don't suffer fools lightly... as they shouldn't, and (2) really are concerned with the TRUTH. They just don't realize that it isn't always proven in a petri dish.

    On the other hand, I personally have less patience with... and so must ALWAYS ask my Lord FOR it... when dealing with people who are SO sensitive that they would rather hear... indeed, they CRAVE... "pretty words"... even if they're lies. Those are the hardest for me, actually. And so, I have to pray even harder when speaking with/to them. I do lose patience, I am terribly sorry to say... but I don't hide that from my Lord. I BEG his forgiveness for it. And then I come here and "slave" for him... in the hopes that he will indeed forgive me.

    Okay, I'm done. Glad you asked, though, 'cause apparently I really needed to get that out. Thank you for allowing me to do so!

    As always, peace to you... and may JAH bless!

    YOUR servant, sister, and fellow slave of Christ,

    SA, who is sometimes a "heel" in the Body of Christ, too...

  • mamalove

    Hmmmm, validation words??? I never thought about it. But being a GEN...what generation am I?? I do know that it's cool (wait, is it cool to say cool anymore?) It is nifty to come up with unique words to mean things we all know the meaning of in a really snappy combo.

    When people are insulting, well that is the nature of forums. There is nothing more crazy than a mommy forum. Post partum chicks are mean and competitive. We mellow out once we wean our young from the breast.

    I do not like to hurt feelings, not sure why people feel free to be personal on boards, but I guess it can make people more cautious about what they post. No one wants to come off like a dumbass, even in a room full of cyber strangers.

  • Twitch
    1. Are your validation words getting weirder? E.g., what is a jamstratt?

    Making sense isn't necessary for validation, only correct input. So I've never noticed.

    2. When you are on a thread where posters are fighting and trading insults, how do you feel?

    Usually amused. Uninterested if about topics that have no relevance to my beliefs or interests.

    But sometimes I want a piece of the action just because. Prolly a personality defect, lmao.

  • GLTirebiter

    1. Yes, there are some weird ones. I push the "cycle" button until I get one that isn't too ambiguous.
    2. I usually avoid the "politics" threads. That eliminates about 90% of this problem. I try to walk away from the other 10%, when it gets too hot.
  • snowbird

    Thanks to all who responded.

    Fascinating people, aren't we?


  • thenoblelodge

    1. The quicker I got in solving what the scribble meant the harder they seem to get, so I clicked the remember me button and I stay logged on.

    2. I like a good debate, even those that get heated but I hate insults and personal attacks because there is absolutely no need.

    Be hard is it?


    Peace to all, even the mean ones.

  • snowbird

    I like a good debate, even those that get heated but I hate insults and personal attacks because there is absolutely no need.
    Be hard is it?


    Back to you.


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