Megan doesn't have Cancer! (Update)

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  • KW13

    We went on wednesday to the hospital. Apparently she is too young to have a mammogram or something to that effect. They did however do one of those ultrasound scans and she was subject to a basic physical examination.

    It's good news really, although now we need to know why it's happening because apparently she may have to have an operation to remove the ducts in her breast to find out what exactly is going on. I never heard of this before, never thought surgery in this situation was necessary just to find out what the problem is, seeing it doesn't cure anything really or answer any questions.

    Sounds a bit silly but i had a hard time accepting it wasn't cancer. The doctor who saw her was quite vague and suggested that although its 18months since Megan breastfed (she only did it for 6 weeks) the twins, that her body is still producing some milk. He said he wasn't at all concerned by that and that the blood is only sporadic, therefore not necessarily serious. Is it me or does this just seem totally unprofessional. He kept getting confused too, asking how long she has been pregnant (WTF...18 months too late their buddy, we just told you that.) and other obscure things like so you are still breastfeeding. Again we'd explained that...

    When she squeezed her nipple to produce something (he requested she do that for the examination) only the milk coloured substance came out with a trace of blood (according to this cardboard chart thing he held). He said that because she had to squeeze it, it can't be too serious. That doesn't really allow for all the times its happened spontaneously, infact it doesn't really help at all.

    I've also since learned from Google (perhaps i am wrong, i need your thoughts) that physical examination AND even ultrasounds don't pick up all types of cancer. Really am at lost what to suggest to megan and i don't want to upset her because in her eyes, for the next 3 months at least we've moved on from this problem!

  • snowbird

    Good news!

    I suggest she keep a close eye on things and report any concerns or findings to her doctor.

    I wouldn't worry about the doctor's absentmindedness - probably due to workload.

    What are the twins' names?


  • OnTheWayOut

    Although you have great news, your concerns about the doctor being "confused" are valid. Either seek another doctor or consult with your own personal doctor over these concerns about that doctor. Let them know you won't be having surgery scheduled by "confused" doctors.

  • MsDucky

    Sounds like Megan has something called Galactorrhea. Here's a link with more info on it: .

    I'm glad to hear that it's not cancer.

  • NiceDream

    This month is breast cancer month, and Ellen had a guest on whose wife got breast cancer while breastfeeding her twin girls. She got it checked out right away. The guest is a doctor and said that you're never too young for a mammogram, and to keep asking if you aren't satisfied with what your doctor said.

    I'm happy your wife is cancer free! And just to be safe I would ask another doctor or two so you feel 100% sure.

  • wasblind


    I love hearing GREAT news it has really made my day

  • straightshooter

    Great news that it is not cancer, but still the unknown is worrysome. Therefore definitely get a second doctors opinion.

  • zoiks

    Thanks for the update. I hope things get cleared up soon!

  • Lozhasleft

    Good update ...I'd agree that the dr isnt helping you much though. If they try to get your wife to have any ops on her ducts for this ...think very daughter had this done and it caused a lot of pain and distress and didnt actually solve the problem either so check it out carefully before agreeing to it.

    Can you not get a second opinion at all?

    Loz x

  • AudeSapere

    Thanks for the Good News Update! At least you two can breathe a little easier for now.

    I soo understand your mixed emotions about being a little 'unaccepting' that it wasn't cancer. I think what you are probably frustrated with is that you don't have an actual diagnosis yet and thus you cannot really move into the 'fix-it' stage.

    KW13 wrote: physical examination AND even ultrasounds don't pick up all types of cancer

    That's true. I've been having mammograms since my mid-30's. And partly because of my own history of cancer (Hodgkin's Lymphoma), I have been a little obsessive about developing breast cancer. My doctors have arranged ultrasounds (about every 3 - 5 years) to help with screening. Ultrasounds pick up things that don't show so well on Mammo's. This spring I had some 'oddities' that they wanted to look at more closely so doctors ordered MRI of my breasts. MRI can present TOO much info - it's incredibly sensitive - as it shows EVERYTHING.

    The next step is biopsy. Takes about 30 minutes and is not too painful. Biopsy is pretty good indicator as to whether or not cancer is present.

    There may be lots of reasons why blood is oozing but it's always good to get it checked out.

    I don't know how things are in the UK, but here it's very common to get 2nd opinions. Working in the healthcare industry, I strongly recommend it. If nothing else, it helps educate yourself on the situation at hand and various treatment options. At best, it helps you select a physician that you feel comfortable with and with whom you can communicate well.

    Looking forward to many more good updates on your young family.


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