Does this link set off any of your cult bells?

by Libelle 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gayle

    Money maker businesses can have "cult" tactics.

  • JWoods
    Money maker businesses can have "cult" tactics.

    No joke - look at Amway or even WalMart.

    Yeah, 4K, wayy to pricey. She hasn't the money but thinks god will provide if he wants her to go. Well at least you guys think it's more a money maker than cult. I hope you're right.

    Wait - you mean you actually have a friend interested in GOING TO THIS??? I thought you just saw it on the internet... Let's hope you can talk some sense into her. EDIT - ok, I see a family member wanted to go in your opening post. Hope she changes her mind - this is a scam.

  • nelly136

    lib, i dont think theres many poor cults. they've all got to start somewhere.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Looked at the front page of the link and didn't even have to read any details. It SCREAMS cult.

  • miseryloveselders

    I don't pick up on this being a cult as much as I pick up on a couple of fraudsters trying to get in my pockets. They've got the Joel Osteen phony vibe going on .

  • Libelle

    Hmmm. well mixed consensus, but still caution registers with the lot of you. I'm still suspicious, but she knows my opinion on it now.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    I forced myself to watch the first video (10 minutes' worth). The background music and testimonials screamed CULT to me...I figured it must be some sort of money-making racket, but just under 4K??????? If I had a family member interested in this, I would start researching this outfit, that's for sure!

  • whereami

    WOW!!! It felt like I was listening to Aguest rambling on.

    If this this isn't proof positive that religion is wacky I don't know what is.

    "This is about Jesus Christ" bla bla bla. Yeah right!!

  • Libelle

    OMG MJNM - you watched the movie? Wow - can't do that at work, but not sure I want to, regardless.

    You know, all religions, depending on your approach could be cults, but some things, just take that too far.

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