Does this link set off any of your cult bells?

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  • Libelle

    I know this isn't specifically a JW thing, but it does seem cultish to me, so I thought I'd ask you. A family member is considering going, and it's just ringing all sorts of bells to me. What about you?

  • JWoods

    Could you describe it a little, for those of us at work who cannot go to unknown links?

  • betterdaze

    Ellerslie Leadership Training

    The Ellerslie intensive training combines powerful Biblical training with a set apart, spiritually-rich environment, tailor-made for cultivating intimacy with Christ and becoming equipped for world-impacting Christian service. Soul-stirring teaching sessions are presented by Eric and Leslie Ludy along with occasional guest instructors, in a collegiate-style atmosphere that is built around prayer, study, and personal spiritual growth. The intensive training takes place at the beautiful Ellerslie Campus in Windsor, Colorado. Only 50 on-campus spots are available for each semester, giving the course an intimate and personal feel, and allowing lifelong friendships to be forged.

    This training experience is designed to super-charge your spiritual walk, deepen your daily relationship with Jesus Christ, ground you in a Gospel worldview, give you an unshakable passion for God’s Word, and prepare you for a lifestyle of Kingdom work.

    The goal of this set-apart season of training is to make you spiritually strong, so that you can give to the weak and become Christ’s hands and feet to this lost and dying world. The training you will receive here can become a solid foundation upon which God will build for the rest of your life. It is our prayer and desire that the next generation of Amy Carmichaels, William and Catherine Booths, and Hudson Taylors will be shaped right here on this campus. Even if you feel far from being a “spiritual hero”, there is no better time to pursue a life of full surrender to Christ than right now. We would count it a privilege to inspire and challenge you along this narrow way of complete consecration to Him.

    Ellerslie training can’t shape you into a world-changer; only God can accomplish such a feat within the human soul. But Ellerslie can become a powerful catalyst for His work in your life – providing the setting, the teaching, and the experience that allows Him to mold, shape, refine and prepare you for the endless frontier of following and knowing Him. The Ellerslie intensive training experience isn’t for everyone. But if you are looking for “something more” in your spiritual walk and are eager to live a life fully given to your King, then we encourage you to prayerfully consider joining us for one of our upcoming semester-long programs. God willing, we look forward to knowing you and investing into your future!

  • Gayle

    The last sentence, uses "investing." So how much does this thing cost????? Sounds like someone has to go to a 'camp' kind of thing for a 'semester.' (?)

    "Cult" bells ringing!

  • Libelle

    From their application form:

    Code of Conduct

    At Ellerslie Training, we are committed to modeling a healthy, morally excellent, God honoring daily decorum. We encourage and foster an atmosphere of love, honor and respect among both staff and students. Please review the following core values to better understand the atmosphere you will be coming into. At the bottom of this page, please check the box provided as a means of agreeing to help us maintain these values during your time at Ellerslie.

    The Ellerslie staff and students will be expected to uphold the following principles of honor and Biblical morality while participating in all aspects of the training program and campus-life: - Deliberately seeking to honor God in conduct and daily life through dress, language, attitude, and interactions with others. Not participating in any morally questionable behavior or action.
    Approaching the training process with an attitude of expectancy. Diligently participating in all of the required course-work and study, and showing Godly respect to the leadership, staff, and other students.

    - Willingly participating in a "set-apart season" of focusing on Christ and building Godly character, with healthy boundaries around potentially distracting secular activities such as pop-culture entertainment, television, unrestricted internet, etc.

    - Treating members of the opposite sex with honor and respect, and living according to God's pattern for sexual purity.

    - Cultivating a servant's heart and a cheerful willingness to participate in outreach projects, campus work projects, and other forms of sacrificial Christian service.
    I have read Ellerslie's core values and intend to live accordingly to these principles during my time at Ellerslie Training. I understand that during my time at the Ellerslie campus, if I am consistently characterized by behavior opposite of the values described above, I may be asked to leave the program early.

    DOn't know, but it just feels not quite right to me.

  • JWoods

    - Willingly participating in a "set-apart season" of focusing on Christ and building Godly character, with healthy boundaries around potentially distracting secular activities such as pop-culture entertainment, television, unrestricted internet, etc.

    Do they tell you how long this "set-apart season" is supposed to last, or do they just decide that on a per-person as-needed basis that they make up themselves?

    Does that season length have anything to do with how much money you have to pay them?

  • Libelle

    Well, there's a 10 week course that costs just under $4K. But I think that season is something you're supposed to extend to in your life. At least that's what she implied.

  • JWoods

    Well, I am absolutely certain she has nothing to say that I want to listen to for 10 whole weeks even if it were free -

    let alone for four thousand freaking dollars...

    Overall, it sounds to me more like a money mill than a true cult, but you never know; there are certainly some arrogant control freaking issues going on there.

  • nelly136

    looks like an upmarket and very expensive and commune version of an alpha course.

    and they have a whole series of their own brand spiritual for you to buy.

    its just another niche marketing.

  • Libelle

    Yeah, 4K, wayy to pricey. She hasn't the money but thinks god will provide if he wants her to go. Well at least you guys think it's more a money maker than cult. I hope you're right.

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