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  • RedhorseWoman


    I have slowly been coming to this conclusion myself.

    While there are many JW's who are truly Christian, there are also many who are anything but. Likewise, there are those following different faiths who embody the principles that make up true Christians.

    I honestly feel that Jehovah will hold each of us accountable for our actions and our hearts....not because of what church we attend.

  • Jokemyster

    wow some people DO get IT!..some of you have summed it up so well...I believe in God..not in man made organisations.
    I really take issue with the blood fractions, I think this is such an old antiquated issue, it shouldnt even be an issue, it was all so sybolic and dosent hold up in the "now"

  • waiting

    Been a Witness for 30 yrs, at times, mentally unstable. Oldest child, beautiful daughter, disfellowshipped (doing quite well, however). Next son, handsome and in law school and sometimes gay. Youngest son, never been baptised and now in college, divorced and also doing well.

    As a JW parent, I have guilt all over myself. My middle son finally told me: You're a victim of horrible incest, raised 3 kids who are independent, intelligent, and capable. Why do you feel guilty?

    Because you're not witnesses and are going to die.

    We're all going to die. We're not witnesses - but we're ok. Lighten up.

    So I did - and they are good kids - and I'm always proud of them. And sometimes, secretly, I pat myself on the back.

  • Jokemyster

    celebrate your life and the wonderfull job you have done with your children,...this is what I am talking about..all the guilt? where does it come from? I also used to feel guilt, but since my grandma died I really figured it out that "they" are wrong, she doesnt need a second chance to prove I started to look around and I did find hate bigotry,evil etc out in this world, but I found it in the Cong also, at least its honest out in the world..we can choose for ourselves, and I have chosen a decent path with my life, I raised fine kids and I am a GOOD person, so why would I not "make it", into what ever is out there in our afterlife to make?
    another thing I take issue with if JW'S are the choosen people, who said they are? the WBTS?
    who gave them the right to sit in judgement of me? and my family and neighbors and friends?
    they tell everyone that THEY are the ones that will inherit the kingdom, again who told them that? it says the meek shall inherit the kingdom of God, it DIDNT say the Jehovahs Witnesses will inherit the kingdom of God exclusively.....
    these people are some of the questions I asked and was told I was not good association because i asked to many questions and I should wait for the answeres....oh yea of little faith I was told..
    what the hell???? little faith? but but but, I have a brain God gave me one and oh yes brother your right I am woman how dare I ask you again this simple question...pray more? ok been doing that for weeks and this voice said to me "ASK QUESTIONS"...............I did and the true God answered me ...Bro Snively says there are pills for that get help...hahaha I did..I got OUT.

  • Scorpion


    Sounds like you did not get your share of coffee and donuts after service on Saturday mornings. (Just teasing)

    No one has the right except God to judge you or say whether you are good or bad. If the Elders in your congregation actually labeled you as a bad associate without any real Scriptural evidence, Jehovah I am sure will deal with them.

    As far as JWs being Gods chosen people, there are many sincere people that are JWs and have a real desire to serve God. This is not to say that this is not so outside the WTBTS.

    James 4:12 says: One there is that is lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But you, who are you to be judging (your ) neighbor?

    I find it hard to believe that Jehovah would destroy my mother and sister who are very moral people and have a belief in God. They are not JWs. They do what they can to help others in need and are always there for our family. I leave matters of judging in Gods hands. I feel at times that wrong decissions are made at times by the brothers (Elders) in matters similar to yours.

  • skeeter1

    Welcome Dubby to the next part of your spiritual journey.

    The afterlife and higher beings are unknown to this world.  There is a book, call the Bible that some follow.  There are other religions that try to explain the unknown.   What I can tell you is that if anyone professes to know the exact Truth about the Unknown, how can they?  The FDS tries to do it by professing that they are God's True Channel, but how can they have changed their doctrine so much in so few years?   The Light* scripture is not from a chapter on prophecy, but a book on proverbs of convenient sayings to live's many experiences.   There is a "sure feeling" when you think the FDS is the Truth, and that gives comfort to those who stay in the religion.   But, there is a very uneasy feeling that happens when you realize that the FDS may not have the absolute Truth, to which it demands much sacrifice on the part of its adherents.    

    I will say that you are very fortunate to have children and a wife who are probably going to champion your not belonging to the Truth.  Your relationships with them are about to get alot stronger and be based on unconditional love.  Unconditional love is something completely lacking in the entire structure of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Listener
    Skeeter, Dubby's post is 15 years old, hopefully everything is sorted out for him since then.

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