Do you like Van Halen? Anybody?

by compound complex 41 Replies latest social entertainment

  • stuckinamovement

    the best band ever. "Running with the devil" is my ringtone for my boss.

  • elderelite

    my biggest complaint with Eddie, is that on somelevel he squandered his talant. Think about it... he wrote all fo their orginal material (they did a lot of covers as well) and was a PIONEERING guitarist. He was the late 70's and 80 inovatior. all of these guys today who use the "hammer on, hammer off"... that came from eddie.. two hands on the frett board.. so much he did and started.. and yet wasted so much that we will never see on drugs.. If he had been clean I wonder what he would have done.. I wonder what he could have produced... Every time I go see them in concert I get a little sad when he does his solo.. eruption was fantasitc. In 1979. Its been over thirty years edd write a new one.. improv it man! you are a guitar GOD!!! but instead we get rehash.. like I say I LOVE VH, both Roth and Hagar, but I am sad over what I personally think ed wasted

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