Admit It: You Wanted to Be One of the 144,000!!

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  • tec

    That being said, I would never choose to live on the earth or anywhere else OVER being with Christ - if it actually was a choice that had to be made. Just saying.


  • seenitall

    It's a big joke. Do you want to part of a exclusive club? What will be like to be a sexless floating spirit in the never-never realm? No one knows. But, the wicked angels knew that they could get more by coming down here and get their rocks off!!!! Heaven is not what is it cracked up to be. No sleep, interaction with humans or sex!! I want to be a human and have an identity!!!

  • agonus

    Those are lovely sentiments Tammy.

    In my case, maybe it came from feeling like an outsider most of my life.

    Or maybe I just had a latent desire to be an astronaut which manifested itself in religious terms :)

  • tec

    Well, Agonus... Paul did say that he couldn't wait to shed the tent of his body so he could be at home with Christ, right? Your feeling might have been right on the mark.

    Or maybe I just had a latent desire to be an astronaut which manifested itself in religious terms :)

    I could say the same thing about me, and the whole colonizing of other planets that I was looking forward to. The sci-fi girl in me coming out, I guess :)


  • Quillsky

    From a practical perspective, being part of the "anointed" was never a possibility. My parents explained to me that if you knew you knew, and as a child growing up why would we want to be more different than we already were?

    The only people I knew in real life who claimed to be anointed were odd, old, cookie, a bit strange, anyway. Why would I claim to be one of them?

    From a mathematical/ecumenical perspective, it didn't make any sense, this silly 12x12 thing. It was clear to me as a child that the number was symbolic.

  • RosePetal

    Hubby and I used to shut off the Idea because we were told only those grafted in and annointed one had fallen away. Also you had to be quite a special person chosen by God with many years of service and experience. We never enjoyed reading the Gospels as we felt it was a letter to someone else. I remember a time I was studying the Gospels and reading more deeply at one point while pioneering I started to feel differently and being drawn so much more to the Lord and heavenly feelings, but pushed it back because of the brainwashing.

    Now it all makes sense because the brainwashing stopped and we were free we read the Gospels and prayed for Gods Holy Spirit we saw the Bible more clearly and understood scriptures seeing them in a way we had never seen them before. You understand who the Holy Spirit is and means it indwells when you are born again and this is for everyone who believes and puts faith in Christ.

    We felt at last we have come home and realised why we had felt unhappy all those years.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Admit It: You Want to Be One of the 144,000!!


    no sex up there


  • 3Mozzies
    Admit It: You Wanted to Be One of the 144,000!

    Yes I did!

    I thought; "Now heaven is the place to be, if the creator of the universe lives there then it will surely be better than anything I have experienced here on earth"


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