My Lord Spoke And Told Me Not To Post

by minimus 55 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    undercover.... u r funny

  • undercover

    Well, not everyone thinks so...

    But I thank you for the compliment.

  • thetrueone

    My Lord spoke to me and he told me not to talk to crazy people, who think he has spoken to them personally

  • undercover
    My Lord spoke to me and he told me not to talk to crazy people

    Then what the hell are you doing here then?

  • thetrueone

    My Lord just spoke to me and he told do not reply to that comment

  • AGuest

    ROTFL! You guys can be REALLY funny when you want to (peace to you all!). Hi-lar-i-ous... truly. I am cracking up!

    Dear Watersprout - GOOD for you! You are showing yourself to be a GREAT sport... and it will serve you well! Peace to you!

    Dear NobleLodge - Peace to you... and do not worry about dear WaterSprout. I think she'll be quite okay! And in case you were thinking of me (not that you were, but some of the sarcasm from others gives that impression), please, please do NOT worry yourself, truly! I LOVE these folks (which is why haven't called down evil on any of 'em - JUST KIDDING!!). Many of them are really just soft candy centers hidden in hard outer shells. Some are more like wounded animals... and, well, I just happen to be an anmial lover, so... Anyway, you are VERY kind... and loyal... and the Most Holy One of Israel values both qualities. May He bless you, then, and show HIS loyalty to YOU... and your entire household... to time indefinite!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • whereami

    AGuest, I must say, I realy enjoy listening to you.

    Your're realy a blast.

  • ex-witness

    Your Lord told me to not EAT Post Cereal. So I switched to Frosted Flakes. Felt like I was at the KH. So I switched to Cheerios. And I'm lowering my cholesterol!

  • ziddina

    I tattled on ALL of you to my Goddess, and Inanna says you're all in SOOOOOOO much trouble!!! Naner Naner boo boo!!

  • milola
    My Lord told me to eat Toast - so I did with butter and Marmalade!

    Were you running ahead of Jehovah?

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