I just learned tonight that my df'd friend got arrested with No bond on Friday for......

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  • Cagefighter


    Aggravated and the fact there was already a restraining order means there have been repeated threats and he isn't stopping. She needs to buy a big gun and your friend needs to get some serious help. He ain't going nowhere soon which might be the best thing for his saftey.

  • asilentone

    When I get his side of story when he gets out of Jail, I will let you know. He might be guilty or not guilty. I do not know right now. I am not going to make any judgements for now.

  • ColdRedRain

    asilentone, you have interesting friends.

    I've never understood why, when a relationship is over, people stalk their ex. I've known it to happen before. Do you really think you'll get them back by stalking them? Get over it and move on.

    Probably because of pent up anger or the woman may have taken the other partner's lies as the absolute truth rather than at face value.

    BTW, if you want your friend to learn how to navigate through this divorce, google MGTOW and VAWA Reform. The Feminist Lobby makes the Watchtower look like high school cliques compared to the lobby's vaugeries, shaming tactics and siliencing methods.

  • asilentone

    good point! CRR!

  • Mary
    Just now, Someone sent me his mug shot, he was arrested for aggravated stalking.

    You bin hangin' around Mel again?

  • asilentone


  • nelly136

    edward furlong made the news for it here....they must be getting desperate for gap fillers.

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