Racial question about the annointed aka 144,000...

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  • barefootmarley

    i knew an old asian man when i was a kid. dont know if he was chinesse. do know he was of the heavenly class, old and give the kids lifesaver lollipops at the hall. we had two of the annointed in my congregation as a kid. we were privliged. at least that is what my mom said

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Excellent point to show the WT teaching is spurious. Many Semitic people would be anointed. Northern Africans. Meditteranean. I believe siuch a distribution is not truly global. China. Japan. India. etc. the American Native Americans. Polunesians. The NT cast of characters is multiracial and multinational.

  • sabastious

    From my experience I would say there are two unspoken classes of "annointed." Please correct me if I am mistaken.

    The first class is what I call the "accepted annointed" where no one questions their claim. These people are deemed "exemplary", have a sizable "spiritual resume" and have many options for promotion within the organization.

    The second class is the "unaccepted/skeptical annointed." The Rank and File secretly question these people's claims as well as often suspect possible "emotional problems."

    I don't have verification, but I have a hunch that the amount of "accepted annointed" ones of non-white origin increased as social prejudice went down over the decades since segregation was common.


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