The Bully Chain....................

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  • nelly136

    thankyou, for the timely reminders on modifying behavioural responses,

    have a lovely day

  • Mattieu

    So true Night Owl.... Now that I am older and wiser, when I come home from work at night I close the front door and leave all the stress of the day on the front lawn, if its still there in the morning I take it too work with me. More often or not, the local foxes eat it overnight! Well, that theory works for me anyway!

    Cheers, Mattieu


    I am the link that stops the chain. I sometimes push it back up the chain. I had an evil* boss who dumped on me regularly - so I dumped back on him - gave as good as I got. It made for an unworkable relationship so I left with a generous payoff 6 months later after I made sure the rest of the team had sorted their career progressing exits.

    *evil defined by wanting 50% extra work out of an efficient team that already worked 50% overtime for free, was negative and critical all the time, would make nasty comments to staff in front of others if they made a mistake and then cover over their own much larger mistakes.

    More often I tend to ignore people who dump on me - just say very little - they tend to learn fairly quickly.


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