Did the WT return to "old light" regarding the "overlapping" concept? Wt 9-1-52

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  • wasblind

    " As for the new teaching, it seems that the WT writers are simply drawing from the well of old teachings with a fresh new twist. This is similar to how the previous generation teaching pulled from the 1920's, dusted off, and upgraded."

    Yes Donuthole

    I wonder if the WTS has an investment in FREBREZE

    you know spray the old and make it fresh.

  • slimboyfat

    It does use the word "overlapping" I will give them that. Apart from that the arguments and contexts in which the arguments are made are entirely dissimilar. Latching onto a single word and ignoring the context in order to cling to the belief that the Watchtower Society might just be right about something after all is sadly par for the course when it comes to Witness apologetics.

  • flipper

    Barbara - Thanks for sharing this. How idiotic can one organization continue to become ? It never ends. They contradict themselves from one paragraph to the next. I mean at least back in 1952 they quote an actual " worldly " dictionary definition of generation as 33 years . Couldn't see them doing that in MODERN WT articles though. But in the next paragraph after quoting the dictionary definition - they defy reasoning and claim the BIBLE's definition of generation is different than that supplied in the dictionary.

    This has been my big beef with this alleged " overlap generaton " theory from the get-go. It totally abuses and misuses the true definition of generation. And for what purpose ? To continue duping rank and file witnesses into believing false promises so the WT society can continue controlling their lives and futures. Don't get me started. Good thread

  • TD
    Did the WT return to "old light" regarding the "overlapping" concept? Wt 9-1-52


    Pointing out that, "Three or even four generations may be living at the same time, their lives overlapping" is a simple statement of fact.

    It is not the same thing as claiming that people of wildly disparate ages whose lives overlap are the same generation

  • wasblind

    Thanks for the clarity TD

    But it doesn't change the fact that the WTS

    have wound up eating their own words

    time and time again.

  • sherah

    marking for later

  • thetrueone

    One of the problems the WTS has is there are some long time indoctrinated members who over time question doctrines as when they were first

    introduced to them. This generation scenario has popped up due to nothing transpiring as the WTS said it would.

    Once you get past 2014, you've pretty well diminished the generation that saw/witnessed the events of 1914.

    Interesting that this new light didn't come up until the old light transpired.

    They had the option of dismissing 1914 off the doctrinal chart and it could have been done so since it really is a non-biblical dating

    calculation. But since its has so much impertinent importance to the end time doctrine, something different had to be established

    and this what they came up with, a spin on the meaning generation, a new definition created by the WTS. itself.

    Another approach they could have taken is well people lived so much longer in biblical times than they do today so hence

    a biblical generation is to be perceived longer in years.

    Well it is god's own organization so who else would have that over powering control of the meaning of words ?

  • Wrong Way
    Wrong Way

    English edition is not revised.

    You use the old (1989) edition.

    But in my language it is revised, as I mentioned above.


  • Farkel

    As I stated many years ago in my realistic definition of "New Light":

    "What occurs when an false teaching is replaced by a new false teaching."

    And the beat goes on...la dee dah dee dah......la dee dah dee dah....and the beat goes on.... (Thanks to Cher and what's-his-name)


  • agonus

    (Zoidberg voice) Oy, they're so lazy they don't even bother to steal from OTHER churches' ideas, what, now they're stealing from their OWN doctrine why not? Somebody set the controls for the heart of Alcyone already!

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