Is "The Truth" Killing You, Lurkers?

by metatron 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • palmtree67
    God counters stress, he doesn't contribute to it.

    Your reading comprehension is nil if you think this is what is being said here.

    No one said God is the cause of stress.

  • misguided

    Yes, the "truth" killed my granny. She used to have her assembly at the Colloseum in Vancouver. Due to the parking/vending/food fiascos the assembly was moved to Kamloops. While in her "society approved" hotel room, she fell and broke her hip...never recovered.

  • Soldier77

    The truth about The Truthâ„¢ is fueling my psychological warfare that I'm carrying on with my family and the few friends that choose to talk to me.

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