How do you handle the wickedness going on today?

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  • stillin9

    We know in the JW realm, Satan is believed to be the main cause of all the wickedness going on in our world today. After taking a quick look at news headlines, and seeing the crap going on around us, I personally don't find that so hard to believe. But I wanted to see how you guys handle the tragedies and wickedness going on around us? I find the news depressing and sometimes can't quite get my head around all the crap that's happening. Is it just me? Has it always been like this? Is it normal? How do you handle it? Do you just ignore it?

    Looking forward to your responses.

    Stillin9, a human being.

  • sabastious

    Evil is a by product of Free Will.

    If we wish for Evil to cease to exist then we have to give up the will to choose for ourselves.


  • lesabre

    same crap different century.... there's nothing new under the sun. history keeps repeating itself.

  • sabastious

    Also, we live in times where one person really can make a historical change in the scheme of time. If things are bothering you to the point where it is affecting your life then maybe you should look into ways of trying to help in a significant way.


  • Essan

    Hmm. I don't think it is 'normal'. There are many, many religions and spiritualities which see this period as one of things reaching their absolute limit and then of great change. Something weird is happening, IMO. I just don't think it's leading to the 'Armageddon' of JWs or the Bible - not quite. I think it might be much broader and far less 'sectarian' than that.

  • EmptyInside

    stillin9-I've been pondering on this question myself for some time. When I fully believed in the "truth". I thought I knew all the answers and solutions.

    When I'd hear of horrible atrocities committed, I'd fall back on everything will be taken care of by means of God's kingdom. But, now, I get overwhelmed of the horrible things many suffer today.

    I've come to the conclusion especially as regards horrific crimes that some people are plain sick or just plain evil.

    And if we stay focused on misery, we will be miserable and accomplish nothing. I'm personally focusing on the good , and beauty in the world. And what I personally can do to help others. It's not always easy of course. But, we have to strike a balance of not keeping our head in the sand,but not being overcome with sadnes either.

  • beksbks

    The only thing that makes today's troubles "worse", is that you get it split second through all kinds of media. Things in many ways are much better than ever before. I would not trade this time for any other.

  • sooner7nc

    Word, beks.

  • tec

    You can't control the world, or what the world does. You can only control you. YOU do what YOU think is right - and stop worrying about end-time scenarios. You can't do anything about that if it happens.

    Small things can make big differences too.

    (I also agree with Beks, that the media controls what gets shown - and small, kind deeds aren't usually top news)


  • StAnn

    I find that sometimes the images in the news media are overwhelming. I go into a self-imposed news blackout for a week or so and just breathe, do normal things, don't think about it. The world won't end in a week.

    Yes, there are lots of bad things in the world today but I believe they were always there. In the past, we just didn't have the ability to report everything that happened everywhere in the world exactly when it happened. We live in a world of immediacy and the media is always needing another story to report. Lots of video, lots of news outlets, makes things look worse than they really are.

    I contend things are no worse today than they've ever been. We just didn't know how bad things were before.

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