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    "Daddy, when are you gonna stop listening to Satan" is not something that should ever come out of an autistic 7-year-old's mouth.

  • bible brain
    bible brain

    Hi Moshe, when I said to test whether one is being guided by the holy spirit, I did not mean to test the spirit.

    I meant you can test whether one is really receiving the true guidence of the spirit by what they publish.

    instance, one writer says the society of JWs is the unclean thing and everyone needs to get out and leave if they want God's approval and this was from an ex witness who "profess" to be of the body of the Christ, and anointed with holy spirit and gives out "peace" to everyone regardless of who they are. But the same one goes on to say, she is still one of JWs and still refers to God as Jehovah God. (AGuest)

    If you leave the Methodist church you do not call yourself a methodist still?

    If this writer really was of the body of anointed ones, she would not be a JW, or refer to God as Jehovah because the true anointed ones will have the truth revealed to them who the "man of lawlessness really is", and she would have known this if she was genuine. 2nd Thess 2.

    I have asked her this question but she refusses to answer me.

    You need to test the ones who say they are of this anointed group on the earth today because many false ones are sown by Satan. Remember the parable of Jesus, some came after the door was shut and he said, I never knew you, you workers of lawlessness. Interesting point here: ~ workers of lawlessness are from the man of lawlessness mentioned in 2nd Thess 2. Are their teachings according to the bible?

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