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  • bible brain
    bible brain

    Hi New light,

    the answer to your question is in the paragraph "when Jesus made his inspection visit".

    This was in fulfillment to the prophecy in Daniel chapter 9v25-27. the beginning of the last week,

    or seven years. All this is contained in my journal

    The Messiah as "Elijah" was with the true kingdom seed for 3 1/2 years from 2002. and the

    2 angelic witnesses of Rev 11 was teaching them and revealing to them who the

    man of lawlessness is. 2nd Thes 2 Again all this is in my journals.

  • bible brain
    bible brain

    True, but what is really "child abuse"? Sexual only? Not at all.

    As children of God we are being abused by the governing body of Jehovah's witnesses who

    are brainwashing us to beleive their lies, and if we don't, we are going to die shorlty


  • Quando

    Did this come to you in a "night Vision" ?? Daniel 2:19

    From one newbie to another :) Welcome!

  • bible brain
    bible brain

    Thanks Quando. So you'r new too.

  • RosePetal

    Hi bible brain All very interesting, I fear you are suggesting we follow the same channel but just another branch , we have already had our imaginations stretched to the limit, I hope this is just speculation on your part. Any serious and experienced Bible student particularly ex JWs have had quite enough of false predictions and date setting.

    The watchtower organisation is not connected to any prophetic prophecies other than what Jesus said about guarding against false prophets. Matthew 24 v 4 7& 5 . The leadership at Jerusalem i.e. the older men and apostles were not a governing body and each congregation was autonomous, as you have said every annointed Christian has the means to be guided by the Holy Spirit as individuals.

    The watchtower organisation didn't have a recognised governing body until the 1980's and then that came about under much dispute. As far as the faithful and discreet slave is concerned it isn't subject to a select few but is given to all who ask for his spirit. Stop thinking watchtower. None of us who have been struck by the watchtower tetsy fly want to be lulled into another coma. The question you need to ask yourself 'who are the annointed Christians today' ? or rather the faithful servant, as a man of long Bible experience and one that has identified grave errors in the watchtower doctrine I am surprised that the Holy Spirit has not revealed to you that all Christians today can be called faithful servants and are all the body of Christ, following any man or organisation misses the point. It is Christ we follow directly Matthew 10 v 7-9.

    RosePetals other half

  • moshe
    as you have said every annointed Christian has the means to be guided by the Holy Spirit as individuals.

    Unfortunately, when Christians ask the Holy Spirit for specific direction, they get ambiguous direction- oh, this feels good or I prayed for help and guess what, two nice ladies came to my home offering a free home Bible study so I could learn all about God's Kingdom, ie, the only hope for mankind.

  • RosePetal

    Thats why you have to test the spirits old bean, if we fall for every suggestion of Holy spirit we end up dissapointed and cynical. That's why when the two nice ladies ladies called at our doors instead of testing the spirits we dicided to put our brains away and stop thinking for ourselves, as no doubt those ladies had done years before.

    Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me as the saying goes. The Holy Spirit is never ambiguous only our perception of its direction. Thats why speculation, conjecture and debate is healthy, it is only when we start becoming dogmatic like saying the Holy Spirit has directed me to do this or that and you have got to believe in that direction I have been given, or you can't be friends with me any more.

    If we feel moved by the Holy Spirit we have to recognise the possibility that it could only be speculation and people have the right to choose to be doubtful of it. But we should never assume that the Holy Spirit is not working on a person. Christian freedom is wonderful.

    And that is what cults take away from people, that is having the Holy Spirit dwell within you, freedom of choice, and if you don't believe in us you just as well be an athiest, which plays right into their hands.

    RosePetal other half.

  • bible brain
    bible brain

    Hi RosePetal, I am certainly not advocating any new religion and I am not saying we should follow the same channel or another branch of jehovahs witnesses, what I am trying to do is to bring to the attention of everyone who was or still is, associated with Jehovahs witnesses their false teachings and views of God's word the bible.

    If I might explain, there are many people today who profess to be of the true kingdom seed, the faithful and discreet slave class, even in these articles, but are they? You can test them yourself using God's word the bible.

    For instance, do they still use the name Jehovah after leaving the org?

    2nd Thes 2 shows the man of lawlessness sitting inside the temple of God, proclaiming to be God, the temple being the anointed ones today. In Rev 11 it shows the importance is the temple and not the courtyards of the city, (which they call the great crowd) it is the temple ones today which are the important issue. They are to be harvested as a remnant from amongst the kingdom seed as the first fruits, the first resurrection.They will also be trying to help Gods people still in captivity to see the truth, just as the illustration of Jesus shows, "when the owner returns he will reward them", so this work was prophesied.

    Let me explain, you say, why can't these ones be in all religions, but is that logical? Which religion today teach this from Matt 24v45 about this servant, only JWS. Would they understand about 2nd Thes for instance, the temple being one place inside symbolic Jerusalem.

    Our God is a God of order, Jerusalem his city did not cover the whole of the earth but a small area just like his people will be in one group of people, spiritual Israel. Remember the apostle Paul, he was trained and taught by the school of the Pharisees then when Jesus appeared to him he was guided and taught through the holy spirit all the teachings and training he received as a Pharisee was very useful to him because he was able to preach to Jews and Gentiles alike.

    So RosePetal, what I am trying to do is help all those who are still in the org to check their teachings against the bible and yes, they will need someone who like Paul, who knows both sides, the org, the Pharisees with their many wrong laws, and the bible. As for the professed faithful and discreet servant class today, you will need to check them out, ask them who the man of lawlessness is today who Paul says is sitting inside the temple class of anointed ones, if they do not know, they are not of that servant being used today because Paul says it will be revealed to them.

    I would just like to point out I was very strong inside the org for 38 years, studying all their liturature, I even had all the watchtowers from the very first one printed and studied them, but then in 2002 according to the fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel 9v25-27 which I have learned during the last 7 years, did not start in 445 as the org teach, the time of the messiah to make an inspection visit took place.

    It was revealed to me that all the teachings I had learned was wrong, not just revealing they were wrong, but I was actually shown the true teachings. I had been woken up spiritually speaking, just as the apostle Paul had been, and just like Paul I am trying to help others still inside the org today to get out from amongst them and quit touching the unclean thing.

    The last 7 years of that prophecy ends with the "anointing of a holy one" Jesus is given the throne of the kingdom which covers the whole of the earth. when that happens, he will ride into battle against all the angelic princes who have been ruling. The prophecy also shows the symbolic city of Jerusalem, God's city, will also be destroyed. Very shortly Jehovahs witnesses will be no more, either their name will change from Jehovahs witnesses to another one as in 1931, or the religion will be destroyed. That is why we are urged to "get out from among them". I hope this is of some help to you RosePetal. check these out and read all the scriptures and see the truth. Don't forget to pray first for our God to open your eyes through his holy spirit.

  • moshe
    Thats why you have to test the spirits old bean, if we fall for every suggestion of Holy spirit we end up dissapointed and cynical.

    This is an admission that the so-called Holy Spirit works no better than a quija board. I don't recall the prophets of old telling us how they tested their Holy Spirit directions from God.- maybe the signal from heaven was a lot stronger back? Christians have no "edge" via the holy spirt over regular people. A recent survey of church-goers found they were out of work in the same percentages as nonreligious people- and I am sure their was a whole lot of praying for jobs going on.


    It was revealed to me that all the teachings I had learned was wrong, not just revealing they were wrong, but I was actually shown the true teachings.

    B-B, Please explain to us how you "tested" the spirits to make sure you didn't have a bad connection, otherwise you could end up disapointed and cynical

  • RosePetal

    To moshe and BB Thanks for your comments I respect both your points of view, to BB I know where you are coming from but I have left replacement theology well behind. Read Romans 9 - 11

    To moshe as far as I am concerned I believe the Bible shows us that the Holy Spirit dwells within the body of Christ and there is no uncertainty for individual Christians. But when it comes to interpretation the Holy Spirit encourages us to search the Scriptures unlike the JWs who make predictions and change their mind when it has not been fulfilled, the body of Christ allows the Holy Spirit to distinguish what is definately the work of the Holy Spirit , but the Bible encourages us to speculate because that is how the Spirit can sometimes reveal itself because it wants us to continue to search. Matt. 7 v 7 Keep on seeking and you will find. We must never assume that our speculation won't lead to a better understanding of the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit is not a hit and miss affair or a human finger moving on a glass.

    Remember we don't need to be inspired as the prophets and the apostles were. The finger print of the Holy Spirit is written on every page of the Bible. The problem that all of us have is because of our prior doctrinal bias we may not always identify what the Holy Spirit is telling us the fault is ours not God.

    Best wishes to you both. RosePetals other half

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