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  • peacedog

    If you have more than a passing interest in either of these two sports, you might be interested in UFC 118 tomorrow night. MMA legend Randy Couture fights heavyweight boxing champion James Toney in the co-main event.

    My money is on Couture. Personally I think James Toney is delusional for stepping into the octagon as a boxer, particularly against a guy with a strong wrestling background like Couture. I expect Couture to take Toney down and introduce him to MMA in very.. short.. order...

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    I used to be a big boxing fan years ago in the 70s and 80s.

    Now it's MMA all the way. I just might spend the $45.00 to see Couture (Toney's "princess") break one of Toney's arms off. It would serve him right.

  • miseryloveselders

    I don't see Toney winning this fight, or even lasting three rounds. I'm thinkin submission by the second round. At the same time though, don't count Toney out. He's been a heluva fighter for a long time. He's experienced and hard headed, with a tough chin. If Couture goes head up with him, he'll get knocked out.

    Personally I think this fight is fraudulent. It's a hustle to get people excited about boxing which isn't as hot as it used to be. Also a fair tradeoff with MMA which is popular but still not as popular as boxing was in its prime. Publicity stunt written all over it.

  • BurnTheShips

    Couture is going to whip some ass.


  • peacedog

    Deputy Dog & BTS:

    Yep, I think Toney is in for a rude awakening...


    I agree that the fight is something of a publicity stunt. The UFC would *love* to get some of the old school boxing fans interested in MMA. Hopefully Toney's involvement will do just that.

    I also agree that Couture gets knocked out if he tries to stand with Toney... He's gotta know that himself, right?

    Personally I don't see this fight getting out of the first round, probably not even the first minute. I expect Couture to clinch with Toney immediately and get the takedown. At that point, it'll be all but over...

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    It's hard to believe Randy Couture is 47 years old. Wish I could fight like him when I was 47

    Toney is 42.

  • peacedog

    Just watched the replay of the weigh-ins.... Toney looks *grossly* out of shape... 237 pounds. I don't think he's ever weighed in that heavy for a fight...

  • peacedog

    Btw, a couple prelim fights for UFC 118 are free, live on SpikeTV prior to the start of the pay-per-view.... 6pm PST.

  • Watchtowers Witnesses
    Watchtowers Witnesses

    Thanks for the heads up about the prelims Peacedog. I have to pick Randy by a first round TKO from ground and pound. As long as he doesn't get knocked out trying to set up the takedown. I still can't believe Randy is competing at 47.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    Good article.

    Couture: Toney's just another fight

    Here's just a snippit From:

    Couture brings an 18-10 record, a record Toney has made fun of in the build-up, acting like it shows how weak MMA is when a Hall of Famer has that kind of a record. Certainly that sounds unimpressive next to Toney’s boxing record of 72-6-3 with two no-contests. But Couture’s record is probably the single most misleading in the history of the sport, given that 18 of his 28 opponents were world champions during their career and 16 of the fights were title matches. Unlike a padded boxing record, aside from Couture’s first two fights and his most recent win in February over a past-his-prime Mark Coleman, every fight he has had was against someone who was at or near top level at the time the fight took place, and his five UFC titles are a mark no other fighter has come close to.
    If there is a significant number to question with Couture, it is not his record, but his year of birth. He was seemingly on borrowed time from when he debuted 13 years ago as an older wrestler, but he defied age in a way nobody in the sport’s history has ever done, and likely few will ever do.

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