Which non-JWs exactly get resurructed into the new system?

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  • JWoods
    Ideally, hopefully we all die before "the end" comes so we get the free ticket to paradise.

    Given their total failure on predicting "the end", you can probably pretty much count on it.

  • blondie

    The time period between 1914 and the start of the GT is no longer considered a judgment period. The judgment does not start till shortly after the GT begins (new light).

  • JWoods
    The time period between 1914 and the start of the GT is no longer considered a judgment period. The judgment does not start till shortly after the GT begins (new light).

    Very interesting. Could it be that sometime in the future 1914 is just a forgotten date from the distant past - like say 1925 is now?

  • Heaven

    "Jehovah needs something to work with. If the personality is not developed, then he has nothing to recreate."

    Wow... Sydlik is an ass.

  • Soldier77
    Wow... Sydlik is an ass.

    Was an ass. And yes, he was.

  • VIII

    "Only Jehovah knows what was in their heart"

    Standard response any time I have debated this with any JW especially when in regards to family who knew the JW message, rejected it and yet, certain family insist they will be resurrected. I ask, how, how could Aunt Sally, who said the JWs were nut jobs be resurrected?

    "Well, she was a super-sweet, wonderful soul. She just didn't understand the JWs"

    Me--"She hated them and derided them/us. She said we were crazy to believe it."

    "Well, we'll see her after Armageddon. Only Jehovah knows what was in her heart."


    The JWs are all Nutz.

  • Palimpsest

    << but, I believe they qualified this to say that 20th century people (like in Red China) that did not hear the JW message might come back >>

    That was always something I wondered about. I asked an elder about it once and was told that, if you lived somewhere where you couldn't possibly have heard the message (I remember him using the remote South Pacific as an example), then you wouldn't be killed at Armageddon or denied resurrection. But if you ever had a Witness talk to you and you ignored the message, then you were toast. Such a cheerful religion!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Both Hitler and Ghandi I believe. Oh, and the guy running the hotdog cart by the university. It's open season for Jehoovidoo when it comes to pre armageddon dyin! Yee haw weh!

  • cameo-d

    You have all been looking in the wrong direction. The judgement period is almost over now.

    Those who have solved the great riddle and who have behaved accordingly will be leaving very soon. We all have other planets of our own we will be going to.

    There will be disclosure on the alien connection in the near future. Our planets are waiting for us just a short distance away and the "ufo-spaceships" will be transporting us there.

    There will be a deep sleep to come over the land for a period of time. You will all sleep. The angelic forces will "clean up" and restore the planet in a short time. You will then be resurrected. The earth may look clean and nice, a paradise even, but you will still be under the iron fist of rulerships. This resurrection you will experience will be a reincarnation---that is how you have no more memory of the sorrows and pain of previous existences. You will have another chance to redeem yourselves.

    The evil ones who are ruling this planet will download their devious brains into an artificial life form body made of metals and silicone and they will continue on as rulers.

    Maybe you haven't noticed....but there are people on this earth who have more knowledge and intelligence than what can be normally gleaned in a lifetime. Haven't you wondered about geniuses like that? Some have been living much longer than you would ever suspect.

    There have been judgement periods before. This world is a place for growing through pain. It will continue on. "The smoke from her torment goes up forever". What has been created cannot be uncreated. You must find the secret to escaping this.

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