'Do not forsake the gathering of yourselves together...'

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  • PSacramento
    Early Christian meetings were real interchanges marked by love and mutual encouragement. It wasn't sitting in a chair or on a pew and staring at the back of someone's head for an hour or two before rushing out to the nearest lunch buffet. Some Christians find much more love and encouragement meeting together with two or three for coffee than "going to church" or the Kingdom Hall.

    There is much truth and wisdom in this.

  • miseryloveselders

    I always hated how they take Paul's letters, and then claim that his words are commands from God. It's one of the reasons I don't believe that the Bible is the complete word of God. It contains some history on the Israelites, some history on Jesus, and several letters by the apostles to various people and congregations. I've heard ones from the platform say that, "not forsaking the gathering of yourselves", was a direct command from God, which is proposterous. Paul told the Hebrews to continue encouraging one nother, and communicate with one another, organize things with one another. I'm certain he didn't mean attending the Congregation Book Study, the public talk, the WT study, the Service Meeting, the Theocratic Ministry School, 2-3 Circuit Assemblies, and a 3 day district convention 3-4 hours from you home. Not to forget, special talks given when Bethel heavies visit, or when the CO/DO visit. If Paul were around today, the Congregation Picnic would be the only thing he would agree is in harmony with what he wrote to the Hebrews regarding gathering together.

    Those old men in NY take the simplest scriptures and turn them into direct commands from God.

  • PSacramento
    Those old men in NY take the simplest scriptures and turn them into direct commands from God.

    They know the power of words, the know the power of words claiming to be from God.

    Book of Eli anyone?

  • bez

    All your comments are very good and just confirm what i actually already did think.

    Funny how once upon a time i would have stayed well clear from these sites as had been told they were clearly 'apostate'... something that i am pretty much being labled as myself today, just for having a bit of independant thinking :-/

    Donuthole i found your post very very true. Funny how i never thought of it that way despite probably being hated by a couple in my congregation. What a bad atmosphere every Thursday night!!

    It is a relief to get my children away from such hostile individuals... not all of course. As i have said in a different thread, i do belive some folk are genuine and i feel sorry for these ones. Maybe one day they will see.

    And maybe one day if there is such a thing as Karma, the meanies will realise they were not right after all!

  • Inkie

    I totally agree with DonutHole when he wrote:

    "Some Christians find much more love and encouragement meeting together with two or three for coffee than "going to church" or the Kingdom Hall."

    Remember, Christ said: "Wherever there are two or three gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst." That certainly is 'gathering together.' And don't forget the "love feasts" in the early congregations where they ate meals and shared and just had a good time among themselves. Nothing formal like the Evening Meal of JW's once a year.


  • clarity


    The way I've come to understand this 'command to gather together', is this ....

    Evidently, (forgive me, just lovin this triggerword!) the Jews and Apostles & converts were not getting along very well. The Jews, were still caughtup with circumcision and various points of the Law and relations were not too friendly with the New Guys on the block. Hence the admonition, at Hebrews 10:25 ... "not forsaking the gathering of our selves together, as some have the custom" (ie the cranky ones who won't co-operate) "but encouraging one another"... CAN WE JUST GET ALONG HERE! ... you get the picture.

    Also, you will be relieved when you read Deut.31:12 .."congregate the men, women and little ones ... that they may learn... " Now let your eyes go up to vs.10 ... do it EVERY SEVEN YEARS!

    Now you gotta love that ...have a great week-end, clarity

  • bez

    lol clarity.

    And yes i do get the picture absolutley, i guess alot of the bible has significance for us today, but ultimatley was written for those guys of the time.

    And the counsel is as i said, good for us today, stop bickering and just get on with each other.

  • pirata

    It means you should log onto JWN at least once a week and catch up on the new postings

  • jwfacts

    Think about what that scripture doesn't say.

    • It doesn't say to meet 3 times a week (or 2 times now).
    • It doesn't say to meet in congregations, in kingdom halls. Early Christians met in small home groups - a bit like the now defunct bookstudy arrangement. "Gathering together" could simply be a handful of people over a coffee.
    • It doesn't say to meet with Watchtower followers - it was discussing meeting with other followers of Christ.
  • Leolaia

    "And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching" (Hebrews 10:24-25).

    Early Christians met together for "love feasts", the Agape.


    The organic difference between this form of fellowship and JW meetings should be plain.

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