Need advice on working in southern U.S.A

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  • spectromize

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    Can someone please tell me if they know any employer desperately looking to hire?

    I'm looking to work down south as I can't take the winters here anymore. I have a trade certificate but can do many jobs. If I did get hired I could fill out the necessary paper work and red tape to get a work permit from immigration and dept of labor.

    Thank you for your replies greatly appreciated.

  • waiting

    Testing to see if you can see this.

  • waiting

    Guess Satan isn't stopping me from posting to you, Spectrum!!!

    Hey! Where are you now? Southern USA is mighty big - could you narrow it down a little? How old are you, assuming you're a brother, right? What kind of trade are you looking for?

    Humidity is horrible down here - along with the bugs. I'm from Indiana originally - moved to S. Carolina 20 years ago. Locals kept telling me my Yankee blood would thin out so I could take the heat and humidity - kinda believed them until I noticed they were sweating as much as I was!

    Darned Palmetto Bugs are as big as your thumb! Like big cockroaches - big enough that by stomping on them you really don't want to look under your shoe. As my real story goes, there was one in my house, so I slammed the biggest book I could find on top of it - and left it there for about a month. My kids kept asking why there was a book in the middle of the front room floor. I told them they could pick it up - but they'd have to get rid of the bug body under it.

    We left it there until his little hard body was "ashes to ashes". Welcome to the South!!!!!

    People in the South still think they kinda won the Civil War and wish all the Yankees would go home, but leave their money in the South. They also love grease in all their food and, Lord, to they love pepper!!!!And ice tea - don't come South unless you learn to drink ice tea by the gallon - they will rate you on your taste sense of ice tea, trust me.

    Let us know a little more about what kind of work you're looking for, ok?

  • spectromize

    Dear Waiting,

    Nice summary of your location. To be more specific I would like to live anywhere summer stays all year round. Florida would be nice, but as long as I didn't see snow flakes. I can take the heat, I thrive on it! First time I hear of Pameltto bugs but as long as they don't bite me I won't bite them. Oh ya, I don't mind hot foods!

    My trade certificate is stationary engineering ( Looking after power plant equipment) But I'm adaptable, I can do almost anything. My goal is just to establish myself in one location and eventually open a business. I have something in mind but I would rather start a job and give my 100% so I can make connections and at the same time get a residency from immigration for they have certain rules and regulations as far as investing in the U.S.A. I want to make sure I follow the law of the U.S.A. it's such a great country.

  • RedhorseWoman

    You like heat? Do you REALLY like humidity? Maybe you could consider the Southwest. It gets pretty hot there, but the humidity is much less.

    I visited Florida a couple of times years ago when I went to several assemblies. I remember the bugs.....oh, do I remember the bugs....and the humidity. I was also shocked to find out that the grass in Florida is some sort of cultivated crabgrass. The soil is so sandy that they can't grow regular grass.

    No, thanks. I'll put up with a few weeks of snow.

  • spectromize


    I like sand a lot and the beach so to me Florida is fine.

  • waiting

    Spectrum, are you in Canada? If you are, and you haven't noticed, people in the good ol US of A don't know anything about the Quiet One. Except a lot of you come South in the spring to a place call Myrtle Beach, SC. It's not as far south as Florida, but looks a lot like it - very commercialized.

    Have you tried faxing your resume to head hunters in the USA? My son did that and got a good job while in college. Worth a try - since I really don't understand what you do - sounds like someone would want to hire someone like you who does whatever you do.

    Florida on the Coast in not quite as humid as interior Fla. Same goes for SC. Bugs and sand about the same. We, however, still speak English as our primary language - Florida is quite Spanish.

    North Carolina is great if you can find a job there. I was visiting a sister in CA, and told her I lived in SC. She said she had once visited NC and about passed out from the heat & humidity. I told her that NC is where people in SC go to escape our heat & humidity. She looked at me like I was nuts - but that's the truth (as opposed to the other things I might say).

    Good job hunting!! With a long job title like yours - sunshine & bugs await you.......

  • spectromize

    Dear Waiting and Rehw,

    Sorry in being slow to reply these past few days.
    I've been having some visitors from out of town staying with me so I can't get at my computer as much as I would like.

    Believe me Rehw you wouldn't like all the snow and the cold for a good part of the year, and yes I don't mind the hot weather even if it's humid. I have a cure to handle all of that nice weather both you and Waiting are talking about, it's called BOATING AND SWIMMING!

    I apoligize to you Waiting for forgetting to tell you that I do like ice tea. Many diffrent ways to make ice tea here in Canuck land (Canada). It is also popular here but I would say not as much as where you live though. Thanks for your replies, I'm slowly working out my plans and probably be visting the south before the onset of winter.

  • waiting


    Dork! You missed the point! You're supposed to visit the South IN the winter, not before the winter......

    That's why it's called the Sunbelt! Come any time and sweat with us.

  • spectromize

    Sorry Waiting,

    That didn't come out right, I should of said that I will be visiting in the fall or winter.

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