Do you like Sunsets? why?

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    my fiancee toni and I along with our 9YO went down town alton to the new ampitheater.... all of the fountains were on... he played in the ground fountain until it timed out...(about 10 min) and she and I watched the beginning of the sunset together for another 5 or so...we had to get home for dinner...crock pot gave us time to watch the sunset....

    i dont know why i like them.. I just do.....

    ====<<< my avatar is a sunset ...more peaceful than the snake that used to be there. I took the pic on my way home a couple of years ago on the way home from Arkansas (to see fellow JWDers purps and RF)....

    Snakes (Rich )

  • asilentone

    I used to live in Florida near the beach. I love the sunset! It is tranqualizing to me.

  • Hadit

    I love sunsets. I don't love them because others love them. To me they are beautiful. They bring me peace. They give me hope. The colors are spectacular - sometimes they are dreamy, sometimes they are fiery, sometimes they are passionate. They stir my emotions and imagination. I never bore of them which I can't say for much else.

  • cyberjesus

    Interesting we associate feelings but its hard to explain the reason. I m guess it is socialized.

    Zanna: Could it be that we are afraid of the things we dont know? I used to be scared of spiders because my mom is scared of spiders...but one day once I saw my mother scream at the sight of one and seeing how ridiculous it was since the spider was so tiny I decided I wasnt gonna be scared of them, after all they are so tiny.

    So ignorance creates fear and fear creates dislike.

    thats what i am thinking.

    When the answer of something is "just because" it means we are using someone elses opinion and not our own?

  • BurnTheShips

    Whenever I see a beautiful sunset, I am reminded of how atheists are going to suffer in Hell.

    They say, that whenever a believer sees a sunset, an atheist goes to Hell.

    Especially armed cybernetic pseudo messiahs.


  • WhereWasI

    A sunset, billowy clouds against a pale blue sky, the Grand Canyon. These are things that man has nothing to do with. The beauty of nature fills us with awe, humility and wonder. They can be an escape from our trifle thoughts, just as a mother sings a song to her baby to soothe it.

    (ps CJ u rock)

  • cyberjesus

    bts: lol

  • cyberjesus

    wwi: good point. The grandour of the sky and the universe reminds us how small we are in this universe. and if are small our problems are small too. That makes me feel good too.

    I just put a meaning as to why I like sunsets but it was a conscious decision. I like them for what it represents. not because their is some hidden beauty in them... but thats just my opinion

  • elderelite

    I would suggest that people like them, not for their beauty per say but, as you mention CJ, its what they represent. Thus we associate them with "good" things and they beocme "pretty" to us because of that association.

    I would also suggest that everything does not need an explaination. If big mamories turn you on, they turn you on. If a sunset is "purty" then damn it its "purty".

  • zannahdoll


    Yes, we fear the unknown, however there are many unknown things that we do not fear. Why are some toys with infants and toddlers a hit? and others they are scared of? Both the toys they enjoy and the toys they are scared of are new to them and unknown.

    Why do we enjoy the taste of some foods and not others? There is the nature and nurture aspect (we enjoy eating what our ancestors ate to survive, we eat what those around us like to eat) however there are times we stray away from this: My brother and I LOVE Indian food. We do not have any known ancestors in our linage who are Indian. Our parents never fed us Indian food growing up. Some of our family and some of our friends do not like Indian food (My aunt hates it). How did my brother and I come to like it?

    You say you do not like Sunsets for some hidden beauty, that putting meaning behind it was a conscious decision...

    I also enjoy Sunsets for no particular or specific reason... and I enjoy them independent of what others think (some people don't like them because it reminds them of the pollution: a lot of gas in the air can make some beautiful pinks and purples, there can be other reasons that people do not like sunsets...).

    AFTER I see them I see meaning. I'm struck at their beauty I appreciate my life: that I get to enjoy such experiences and enjoy beauty, and the common experience of being human.


    Very well put.

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