In which ways do you think this forum has helped you as a person?

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    Dark Side

    What Moshe said

  • exwhyzee

    Reading other peoples experiences that exactly mirrored my own was a real eye opener and a comfort for me. I had for many years, thought I was alone in these things and just chalked up all the weirdness to my own lack of intellegence or faith. I learned that my own experiences weren't just isolated incidents but were experienced by people of all ages races wide.

  • gutted

    I do read quite a bit on this site, contribute seldom, but when I do have pressing questions or ask for suggestions people are very helpful and for that I am grateful. I think through my awakening I have gotten my grasp (little bit) back on humanity, that people are people anywhere, "in the truth", "in the world". They're kind, helpful, selfish, proud, humble, the whole gamit regardless of religion or background.

  • cyberjesus

    this forum helped me appreciate my brain even more. golden sky. I love you

  • JimmyPage

    It has helped me find inner peace. I don't have to worry about pleasing some asshole in the sky anymore. I can just be myself.

  • transhuman68

    This forum has helped me to work out the answers to the big questions: life, death, god and the Bible. People's comments, references to books to read; things like that all help in the search for truth. There really is a lot of BS on the internet, but this site is mostly free of that, thank God. (Whoever you are.)

  • goldensky

    I love you too, dear Cyberjesus.

  • miseryloveselders

    On one end of things this forum has helped me realize I'm not by myself. All those years I thought I was the worst bastard walking this planet because of the doubts and criticisims I kept to myself regarding this organization. I mean everything from the personality flaws abundent amongst JWs, the hamster wheel, the ludicrous doctrines. Its insane when you're sitting in a meeting or book study, going over material such as "the other sheep", and realizing that the JW doctrine on it makes absolutely zero sense! But other people are commenting on it and nodding their heads in agreement, so at that point you start believing the problem is you!! Meanwhile its not you, its the doctrine!! Its inaccurate. Coming on here made me realize there's probably a ton of JWs who are uncomfortable with certain doctrines, but out of fear and respect, keep their mouths shut like I do.

    Another thing this forum has helped me was reevaluating certain doctrines from other Christian groups that I was taught were wrong from birth. I still don't agree with the Trinity doctrine, and I know its cliched to even mention that on here as an active JW. Yet, its one of the core doctrines you're taught is dishonorable to God. Like I said, I don't agree with it, but after reading some really thoughtful posts backed by scripture by Chalam and a few others, I can at least see where Trinitarians are coming from now. The Trinity doesn't seem as extremely outragous as I was raised to believe. In the same vein, since coming on this forum I probably read my Bible and examine doctrine more than ever. Its as if I'm starting over again. I'm no longer letting the WT define my views and positions. I'm critically thinking and coming to my own conclusion of what is truth. Its been a liberating and empowering experience.

    One last thing I wanted to mention was I'm learning to not be so critical of people. I'm not a people person by nature. I firmly believe that one out of every two or three people you walk by is a scumbag. I have a very low tolerance for nonsense. I've always stated that if I wasn't raised a JW, there would have been more than a few bodies I would have dumped off somewhere where nobody could smell them for crossing me. More than a few black eyes and dislocated jaws I would have handed out. All these years I've thought being a JW was the reason I haven't went out and commited atrocities. Now I realize thats not as true as I would have liked to believe. The reality is, its being raised a JW that is the primary reason I hate the human race. I've never had a natural affection toward people. It was always us vs them. Light vs Darkness. True Christian vs false Christian. "The Friends" vs Wordly people. Ya know the more i think about it, hatred can wear you out. I'm mentally exhausted from categorizing people. At 32, I feel as if I'm 80 years old. You ever see Grand Torino with Clint Eastwood? Thats me. A cranky young bastard with an 80 year old man's irritablity. I'm learning though, I'm learning how to stop labeling people. Learning how to do good on behalf of people genuinely from the heart as opposed to doing good "by works." Its been a heluva ride the past year and a half, but well worth it.

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