Do You any Witnesses that Just Married Someone Because they Came From A Prestigious Family?

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  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    Do you guy know any witnesses that married for privilege? For example the lowly male publisher married the C.O.T.B.O.E daughter and quickly move up the ranks. Another example is that the witness girl that only date or marries up( Only dates M.S,Elders,ex-bethelites,or pioneers ).

    Do you know people who did this just to move up in J.W land or to have prestige for themselfs?

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  • minimus

    I did. And these types of people always sucked.

  • robson

    of course they are humans, in a religious group or any kind of social gatherings that's how it is. Your options are limited if you think like that cause you coukd be missing someone who is special just to move up through the ranks of a human society.

    I am a man so I know older guys guys who had a reputation at the hall marrying yourger sisters just because they had privileges is truth indeed if you have nothing they'll see you as nobody. once a sister told me that she prefers her daughter to marry someone who is a ms or a pioneer and that will bring secutity to her daughter cause if she marries someone who is only a publisher she will never do more than that and didn't mentioned marrying a wordly guy that will be awesome for these kind of people. ouch

    She said to me cause she knew I love her daughter and Me I can't be a pioneer or a MS if I don't have a legal status in the country so I lost she didn't love me cause she listened to them and that is best for her. Sure nobody would love her more than I and what kills is that she is with someone else God man i lost her I did felt very sad about it but good thing god will help me find someone who likes me for who I am. am I dreaming I don't know.

  • pirata

    I have heard brothers say that they will only marry pioneers and sisters say that they will only marry MS or Elder. However, it didn't seem to be for prestige. It was because this position helped to show the other marriage mates "spirituality".

  • JWoods

    Looking back on it from 20 years experience, I honestly think my JW ex-wife married me for prestige.

    But in her case, I think it was more because my family had a little money than that I was a young elder.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Yes. I know families that basically had arranged marriages because of money. I know quite a few who were proud to have their kids marry into "prominent" (longtime, strong witnesses) families.

  • Pitchess Co-Gen
  • straightshooter

    The cong I associated with were basically poor to middle income cong. So all married for looks, not money or prestige.

  • trueblue

    I haven't found anyone yet and always seem to hit on the strangest women. I hit on a JW girl and she kept running from me until I got mad at her and she finally called me and told me she doesn't want anyone, that she is happy the way things are, and she wasn't wanting to hurt my feelings. I told her that doesn't hurt my feelings and if that is what she wants then I can not argue with that, and left it at that, not leting her know that I was releaved because to go too far into her mind would have been like intering the twilight zone. I always thought Pauls council was for comforting single people, but she takes it literallly.

    There is this beautiful gal at our KH, an elders daughter, and about four years age when I left she was married to some guy that wasn't any high rank and when I come back to the meetings they were split up and bothe had different mates and all were at the meetings and bothe had new worldly mates. Do not know how that come about or what happen but I assume there were some DF going on just before I come back, and now only the elders daughter comes to the meetings with her daughters and some times her worldly husband comes to pick her familly up in very expensive vehicles and she is dressed to kill and jewelry up the yeng yang. She likes to say hi to me now and before she would not even look at me. I try not to look at her because she is too pretty and I looked over while someone was making a comment at the meeting and there was one of her goergeous legs sticking out at me, she went to cover her leg and only revealed her leg again with the other split in her dress. I was kinda offended by that and thought about telling her if she doesn't want anyone to look then do not dress like that, and she reminds me of a girl at a gym in Texas where she got mad at some guy for making remarks about her looks and the guy told her that she works out so guys will look so don't give me any crap he said.

    Some JW bitch married my brother for his money, convenced him that she showed him love for the first time in his life and then devorced him and took his money, and it was too much for him and he took his own life.

    I think I may heed to Paul's council myself and say that I am better off without a mate, I don't have much trouble finding gals that like to be my friend, and good friends they are. Don't want to go any further and ruin a good friendship.

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