Don't leave, its God's organization....

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  • dissed

    Recently, I've been seeing this argument displayed here more frequently by those still believing JW's.

    Usually in reply to arguments they can not answer well, like 1914, generation(s), etc...

    Its almost like, they are are having serious doubts as well, but their fall back is, "But its God organization....Where else would you go......Don't leave, we are so close to the end"

    As one recently shared their experience with a JC. The Elders, when feeling trapped on explanations, fell back to this defense. "But its God's organization, stay close, even if you don't understand something!" When they should've been trying to overcome this persons doubts, they side stepped the issues important to him. How could they save him with this defense? Shouldn't his years of service deserve at least that?

    They failed to realize those were foundational arguments. If you can not answer them, then its NOT God's organization. Instead they were like saying, "Just close your eyes and believe and everything will turn out right."

    So my question is...Have you noticed this reasoning is becoming more of a frequent occurance? "You don't have to understand those complicated things, just stay with us"And how have you been answering it?

  • ruruj


    If the house is on fire, leave for your safety. Don't wait for the (Watchtower) fireman to put out the flames while you're inside. (Because Watchtower doesn't believe there's really a fire).

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Thanks to the Internet and sites such as this, the "Genie is out of the bottle", there is no explanation they can offer.


  • ruruj

    "You don't have to understand those complicated things, just stay with us"

    - isn't this the same kind of reasoning from other religions that Watchtower cunningly attacks. - "It's a mystery ... let it be, leave it alone"

  • dissed


    When I was in, the complicated things were like the 'anti-typical Jerusalem' stuff. But these are things that are fundamentally simple. What is too complicated about 1914 to understand?

  • dissed

    Its becoming my impression that if anyone spends time studying and thinking about the WT stuff (meditating), that they are the ones that leave and end up here. The ones that are staying are the ones that don't even study the WT, or if they do, they are just marking the pages to make it look like they are doing it.

    How can a JW NOT give a vigerous defense of a foundational doctrine? Instead telling others to just believe..

  • wobble

    It amazed me when I left that nobody could make a satisfactory defence of the "Truth".

    I even posed it as not a question from me, but from my sons who left years ago. I asked my Bro. in Law (long time Elder,ex reg Pio in for over 50 years) how I could persuade my sons that it was God's Org. and therefore they should not join another religion.

    He said all he could do is go through the "Bible Teach" book or similar with them. I pointed out that they knew the doctrines, they grew up listening to them three times a bloody week, but how could I prove it was God's Org. ?

    He said he had no answer.


    I think that anybody who gets the chance to ask this question, with the 1919 "choosing" thrown in, should do so.

    They have no answer.

  • booby

    You said - So my question is...Have you noticed this reasoning is becoming more of a frequent occurance? "You don't have to understand those complicated things, just stay with us"And how have you been answering it?

    My answer - No, it is not more frequent. It has always been there. It is just that when you as an individual get to be in that position of doubting or whatever that it gets used on you or you become cognizant of it for whatever reason it stands out. And there is no answer. Its their last resort in a situation where they see the problem, have no answer, and being unable to consider the consequences of dealing honestly with what that ultimately means, resort to the only lunacy left. It is the last line of defense provided by the holy spirit directed gibbering body.

  • LostGeneration

    I believe it is the emotional attachment more than anything. Once you have been locked into thinking you are special, you have special knowledge about God, you are important, you have been drawn by Jehovah to his organization, it becomes very difficult to take off the rose colored glasses.

    Throw in reinforcement by all of your friends (because you drop or do not form worldly friendships) as well as a good portion or all of your family, the consequences of "thinking" become very scary for the mind controlled individual.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    The thoughts: "where are we to go" and "going along with God's organization" are etched deep into minds of all JWs so it is no surprise that they fall back on them when they have nowhere else to go. Every Jehovah's Witness needs to ask themself: Who told me it was God's organization? Did God? Is there any outside corroboration of this or did I only come to believe this because the Watchtower told me it was so? Didn't they use the very things I am now questioning to prove that they were chosen? Could their claim about being God's organiztion also be wrong just like the information they used to prove to me that they were chosen by God.

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