"Rutherford, a prominent member of the Governing Body" (David Splane, 2010 DC)

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  • St George of England
    St George of England

    WT June 15, 1927 Page 100


    We, of the International Bible Students Association, gathered in convention at Pasadena, Calaf. desire to declare our complete allegience to our heavenly father, his beloved Son our High Priest, and his servant the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, and express our love and loyalty to our President, J. F. Rutherford.

    The resolution goes on a bit but this is the significant section


  • Bangalore

    Also did not Rutherford actually seize control of the organization and become president?


  • jookbeard

    as the president of The IBSA/WTS or whatever they were called at the time I wonder how Judge had time for his coperate responsibility's, with his importation of Whiskey, residing in Beth Sarim polishing his Cadillac and generally being abusive to people, must have been a tough job.

  • pirata

    Thank you all for the comments and quotes. Lots of good material here.

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