remarrying a divorced df'd spouse

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  • hirotaka

    Hi all:

    Here's a question for you.

    What would happen if a JW woman went back and remarried her divorced df'd husband a few years after they had divorced? Assume that he still does not wish to return to being re-instated.

    Or what would happen if she just decided to date him again?

    Thanks H

  • Gerard

    If you want to tell us your story, go ahead.

  • steve2

    And today's tricky marital question is......

  • hirotaka

    Not really that tricky a question......just interested in the logistics of all this.

  • nelly136

    she'd probably have to answer to the elders for associating with a dfd person for starters.

  • cantleave

    She would be interrogated as to whether they have been engaging in sexual misconduct, if not she would simply be publically reproved and "marked".

  • bubble

    If it was an unscriptural divorce (i.e. not for fornication or adultery), then they would be viewed as still married in god's eyes!! So they could shag with a clear conscience. And since marriage is supposed to be forever, the elders couldn't really stand in their way!!

  • nelly136

    i think she could still get into trouble for the shaggin unless they re-married ...although not seperated in the eyes of god as such they are divorced in the eyes of the law so i think it would come under fornication or summat (but its been a long time since i was a dub so i'm a bit rusty)

  • robson

    If she is planning on doing that while being an active JW, she will be counsel on the possibility of not doing that assuming she was not the one who committed a sin and that lead to divorce. If her husband was responsible biblically on the matter of divorce she is free to marry again but only in the lord. If she marries him again there won't be no ceremony at the hall, she will have to do it in private no JW's allowed. and will if she confesses what she did disfellowshipped for doing that.

    Dating someone who is not an active witness although he was once your husband doesn't changes things, either he comes back and gets reinstated or forgets about marrying a witness.

    you'll have to go deep in their situation however they can do w

  • asilentone

    She will get the boot!

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