A gem of hypocrasy from 1887 Watchtower

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Came accross this piece from the 1887 Watchtower tonight...

    Have a read... you can see Russell criticising the protestants for how they are not allowed to teach anything that is not sanctioned by the church.

    Sounds mighty familier...and can be mirrored right back at the WT.

    Watchtower 1887

    page 923 april 1887 (Caps and italics Russells and the WT)

    Nor should we ignore the assistance of any of god's children in seeking an understanding of the scriptures, but we should give attention to them only so far and so long, as they teach and explain the bible, in harmony with the bible. Whenever we find a brother, a teacher, either of high or low degree, in learning or talents, ABLE TO EXPOUND and to harmonize the bible with itself, our attention should be earnestly given; for such a one is a teacher sent by god, and we are safe so long as we prove all things by the word of god, and accept of theories and interpretations not because of the teacher, but because of the scriptures, which his teachings show forth and harmonize.

    Pity they dont believe that anymore...

    But religious leaders of today would be almost ignored, if this rule were followed, for they know little of the bible except some passages committed to memory in youth, and some looked out for special occasions. And three-fourths of all the discourses, delivered in Christian pulpits, if examined by the average hearer in the text chosen and its connections with the preceding and succeeding verses, would be found at wide variance and often directly contradictory of the word of God. But satisfied with their sect, the many ''at ease in Zion'' think not of searching the scriptures, nor of proving or disproving the doctrines proclaimed.

    How many ''at ease in WT land'' are like that too...

    As for the teachers, with many it is a business or rather a ''profession'' merely. They were taught in seminaries not how to search the scriptures, but the reverse, --not to study the Bible, nor to expect to learn anything from it; for if they should learn anything new by their search, it would be of necessity something their sects would not endorse, and hence they would come into conflict with their party and its theology and be cut off. They are taught the theology of the sect controlling the seminary, and are expected to know and teach neither more nor less so long as they are in its ministry. in fact generally they are bound by a solemn vow to believe and teach according to the creed of the sect strictly. Why then should they urge their students to ''Search the scriptures?'' Rather, like the church of Rome their influence is exerted to restrain investigation within the sectarian limits. With the implied threat of disfellowship, they urge their ministers and students not to search continually for truth, but to accept the voice of their sect as infallible. They do not openly proclaim their sectarian infallibility and the bondage of their ministers for very shame, remembering that this the very ground on which their founders originally protested against the church of Rome, claiming the right of individual judgement in the interpretation of the scriptures-- hence the name protestants.

    The WT Corp certainly have become what they ridicule.

  • Essan

    Yes, that's very descriptive of the JW's now. Good find.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Witnesses today should have a look at this. It's really something how all you need to prove they are off is their own literature.

  • thetrueone

    Since the WTS was structured on hypocrisy from its earliest creators such as C T Russell it's not too surprising really to

    catch them in the act of two-faced hypocrisy themselves. Simple men trying to cultivate their own power base and sell

    literature to commercialize their self anointed stature.

    Within every religion there is corruption entwined in its development, something that just about every religion will never admit to

    or certainly dissuade any self scrutiny within its ranks.

    Self scrutiny in the JW organization is therefore deemed being spiritually weak and admonished and if pushed to certain levels,

    will get you disfellowshipped or muzzled as it were within the group of followers.

  • booby

    Thank goodness (for their sake) in the "oh, but that's old light" crappola. Trouble is that with a bit of research one can see that it has never really changed, that the same kind of tripe is still promoted.

  • GLTirebiter

    Thannks, Oz!

  • ldrnomo

    I'm thinking that it's impossible for any religion to not be hypocritical in some way because God seems to be hypocritical.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    The sad thing for JWs when it comes to research even in their own publications

    is that it is too limited and controlled by the Corporation.

    All they have is the CD rom containing the acceptable/amended publications.

    Anyone who wants to find those old WT and G's will likely have to go to google... and we all know what will come up first...


  • Invetigator74

    Boy the things you find in those old Watchtower Reprints!! Good fine Oz!

  • jehovahsheep

    did ct russell personaly violate his standard or did this happen after his death?

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