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  • littlebird

    Welcome! My boys went through a similiar situation and because I was such a die hard jw it forced them to live double lives, which in turn caused them alot of anxiety. I controlled their internet use so much, that they really didn't have much support. Definately make some nonjw friends, watch what you say about the org, and it may seem silly now, but sock some money away. You never know what tomorrow brings and I want you to be prepared. We are here for ya, kid!

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Great advice you have been given here. I am delighted for you that you have found the real truth at such a young age, I was over 60 and raised in! If only there had been internet when I was 16.

    Make sure you work hard and go to College/University and get the best qualifications you can. Never let parents or others in the congregation put you off getting a proper education.

    Good luck!


  • nelly136


    just be careful of sharing your thinking with any of your jw mates who seem pretty fringe and laid back, cos a lot of them play both sides but if they get caught and push comes to shove would be you under the bus.

  • Heaven

    Welcome, Shadowolf! I was a teenager when I started my questioning. The red "Your Youth" book (this was back in the 1970s), an article on a wife having to subjugate herself to her husband (not this chick!), a flip-flop going on about Evolution plus my own personal disagreements with their interpretation of scripture led me to put together my plan of escape. I started getting REAL busy with school and after school jobs. Once I graduated high school I moved away and went to College in the city (we lived on a farm). I made sure I was super busy with school and a job.

    Hang in there. Your life awaits you once you reach adulthood. Maybe for now, get a part-time job after school if you can swing it. And definitely... DEFINITELY... go to College or University. DO NOT LISTEN to their advice about higher education.

  • Quandry


    You have already received so much good advice on making a goal-education-and starting on it now. Knowledge is power, and once you get your degree no one can take it away from you. You will have a much greater range of choices in life.

    Please show respect to your parents, but when you study together, you can ask questions such as, "Why do they allow blood fractions now, when in the past it was different? Why do they not allow whole blood but allow fractions, which are parts of the same blood?" "If we can't donate blood, why is it O.K. to take parts of a stranger's blood?"

    You never know what the future holds-maybe they, in answering your questions, could start their own path of questioning. I was "in" for over thirty years, and am out now, following just such questions in my own never know!

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    "Welcome - I wish I had wiki and the internet when I was 16, I didn't find out until I was 42."

    And I was 56. I was a very indoctrinated teenager. Even got my parents involved much to my distress more recently.

    There is a lot of good advice on this board--especially going easy on your parents. Love them no matter what...but don't go back to the Borg once you're out.

  • cyberjesus

    Welcome, I wonder if you could talk to the elders and get your baptism annulled...maybe that you just memorized the answers but didnt understand the responsibilities and that you conscience is bothering you... that you really dont have a relationship with Jojova and you feel your living a lie. That Gordova is not real and you need to develop more faith.

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