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  • shadowolf

    Hello everyone. I am new here this is my first post but ive been looking at some of the topics here for 2 or 3 months. Well i guess i should give yall a backround of myself. I am a teenager, so i cant tell my family(mostly jws) how i feel. I was born into jws, and believed it right away. I was baptized at 15. A couple of months later, I thought "hey, i wonder what wikipedia says about jws?" It all wentdownhill from there. I began learning of all the contradictions and lies in the wt doctrinal history. I no longer believe it,but i hav to be an actor because like i said, i live with my jw family. ughh, i guess i'll have to wait some years til i go to college:' (

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz


    may i ask how old you are now?

    i have teenagers being raised Jw and being groomed for baptism.

    what was the red flashing warning lights for you as a teenager?

    if you want to keep info private please PM me...



  • shadowolf

    im 16

    i guess the flashing light was when i looked at the critisicm of jws in wikipedia. There was a section of changing doctrine. I guess what really hit me was that they originally believed that 1914 was the armaggedon date not jesus invisible return. And yet they say the Bible student s knew years before that 1914 would be christs invisible prescence!!! SUCH LIES!!!

  • beksbks

    Welcome shadowolf!

  • diamondiiz

    Welcome and congrats on finding the truth. Sorry you got baptized before finding this out and I hope your family is more normal than many others and in time will see wts for what it is. As a kid you can maybe ask questions about Russell and maybe your perants will do research to get the answers for you and find what you already know. All the best on your new found freedom.

  • tec

    Welcome Shadowolf.

    Having a place where you can talk about what you REALLY think can help a lot.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    good on you for thinking for yourself...

    gotta love the internet don't you!

    i encourage mine to 'google' all the time waiting for them to do the same as you...


  • shadowolf

    Thanx for the warm welcome everyone!

    O and diamonddiiz, i doubt they'll snap out of it. i would get more into family details buuut i thnk thatll be 2 many details

  • wasblind

    hey shadowolf

  • Mattieu

    G'day Shadowolf, welcome to the board and all the best with the journey ahead. I was baptised at 15 as well, how we think and what we know at 15 changes so quickly within just a few years, you are on the right path though

    Cheers, Mattieu

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