Okay, Someone "Enlighten" Me, Please...

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    Greetings, dear Estee... and peace to you!

    I am glad that dancing brings you joy. It does me, as well, when I can get around to it!

    But, again, as some have lovingly pointed out, I think you have entirely missed the point of my post, unfortunately, and I am not sure I can further explain/clarify it for you. But, first, no, you should NOT go back... and I didn't offer any "shoulds" at all to anyone... regarding going back or any other matter. I asked the question that, if summarized, might be, "if being OUT makes one's life NO different than being IN (i.e., miserable, angry, bitter)... then why tell ones THEY 'should' come out?" I addressed to those who, although out, apparently have found no joy in being out, at least as far as they present here.

    Also, you are in error, unfortunately, as to the "fundamentalness" of my "christianity." Truly.

    And no, this particular thread is not a "testimony" of any sort. My life would be that, 24/7. The thread, however, was, again, merely meant to be an inquiry to those who can't seem to shake the "baggage" of anger, bitterness... even deceit (which, while I can understand the first to, to some degree, I truly cannot understand that third one...)

    As to your question of what brings ME pleasure and joy, I would say a whole myriad of things, but let's just start with life... and freedom... as a son of God. The first is pretty self-explanatory: I am alive, and that is a reason to rejoice, at least for me. As to the second... it is not "freedom" as in I am not imprisoned or physical bound in some way, but that I am mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and SPIRITUALLY free (while waiting to be physically free)... the greatest of which is that I am free to love... forgive... and receive love and forgiveness from... whomever I wish... and whoever offers either. Regardless of what THEY believe. How's that?

    I bid you peace, dear Estee!

    A slave of Christ,


  • garyneal


    I just read your last post and while I think Shelby can speak for herself, I have to at least comment and say that I had a bit of a chuckle at some of the things you were implying about Shelby in your last post.

    You really don't know Shelby at all but that's okay, stick around a while.

  • carvin

    A Guest,

    I agree, dear Carvin (peace to you!). But I guess my question would be, isn't THEIR conduct, etc., ALSO "human nature"? Yes it is and I do not condem them for it as indivduals.

    I absolutely agree. But my question is not about that. It is about whether, if I want people to think that MY "way" is BETTER than THEIR "way"... should I exhibit the exact same emotions, conduct, anger, hatred (for those not "like" me), etc., as "they" do, and if so, why would they want to bother to change over? Why wouldn't they want to stay where they are? - That to is a fair question, and the short answer is no. The problem I have is that I don't believe I "know" that my way is better. Meaning that, I know what I believe and why I believe it, but I am always open to hear and concider other points of view. So that is hard for me to answer perfectly but I hope you know what I'm trying to say.

    now that we are out we can let it out.

    Indeed. But upon WHOM? The folks who are/were subject to the same thing, even if they're not yet able to see/willing to admit it? Or upon those who put it upon you, most of whom aren't here? I mean, if you WANT those who come here to SEE what you see... why continue to show them what THEY show them? What is the DIFFERENCE? - I don't mean let it out as an attack upon anyone I mean let it out as in freeing ourselves from the hurt, anger, etc... and breath in the air of spiritual freedom. The freedom to approach Christ on our own, if we choose, or to turn away from religion altogether if we choose.

    I understand, dear Carvin, for those who've just come out... or perhaps in the last 5 years or so. I am directing my questions to such ones, as I have stated... - Well are you sure you want to put a time limit on peoples recovery? We are all different and we all handle lifes events in our own way. Some people may be able to just walk away and never look back and surref no ill effects, however others may take years to heal or may never heal. Being out of the WT doesn't necessarily being free. There are other who because they are free, and have a love for their fellow man who have suffered the same things spen a lot of time trying to assist in their recovery as well.

    I pray we understand each other.

  • AGuest
    Being out of the WT doesn't necessarily being free.

    I absolutely agree, dear Carvin (the greatest of love and peace to you!). Absolutely. This was the point of my post: if you truly ARE free... such that you believe others should believe as you do... or hope they will... wouldn't your words and conduct toward others... particularly those you are trying to convince of your freedom reflect that? I mean, shouldn't it? Otherwise, aren't you just like those who you point to as still being in bondage... I mean, if you... and they... are exhibiting the exact same "evidence" as to "where" you are in regard to "freedom"?

    There are other who because they are free, and have a love for their fellow man who have suffered the same things spen a lot of time trying to assist in their recovery as well.

    Again, I understand. However, I would say that if you say you are free... yet, you consider others who bear you absolutely no harm a threat... are you TRULY free? And if you do consider such ones a threat... what are you in fear OF? Believing what they believe? But how can that be... if you ARE truly free? Indeed, why ANY fear at all... of anyone... or anyTHING? I mean, you have found "true" freedom... so what could EVER lead you "back" into bondage?

    If, however, what you have found is not true freedom, but yet another source of confusion, uncertainty... and fear... which is manifested by your anger, bitterness, etc., when anyone dares to differ in thought or opinion with you... why would anyone want to follow you into that?

    I pray we understand each other.

    I do understand YOU, yes... and I hope you now understand me!

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


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