It's official, got DF'ed last night

by notverylikely 40 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Congrats! Glad to know you have the right attitude about it!

    Not to trivialize your experience, but.....

    wasblind!! thank you! I don't know how I let that one slip through the cracks. I'm jumping in the jeep and heading out to the 7-11 to pick up a box of lucky charms immediately. Thank you.

    The Oracle

  • flipper

    NOTVERYLIKELY- Congratulations ! Now you have your freedom. Stay close to your children as your ex or wife may use this to limit your association with your kids. Don't let her do that. It's illegal for her to do so. My JW ex-wife tried doing that to me when the kids were teenagers - and I ended up going to mediation to legally insist on my rights for my kids to have a involved father. Enjoy your freedom and it's good you are staying connected to your kids ! Keep the good work up

  • Hadit

    Congratulations - a great burden has been lifted off your shoulders. Enjoy your freedom and keep your kids close. You unconditional love toward them as they grow up will help them see things for how they are.

    All the best to you and your children!

  • wasblind

    You are so welcome oracle

  • yknot
  • dissed

    I've never had the priviledge to be DF'd. But I congratulate you! You are now qualified to enjoy life to the fullest!

  • joelingeorgia

    enjoy life. one thing you'll find out is how kind and giving "worldly"

    people can be.

  • ziddina

    Congratulations, NotVeryLikely!!!

    Now comes the really 'fun' part...

    Rebuilding your life. As you mentioned earlier, figuring out who you really are...

    Establishing a new relationship with your kids. Dealing with the soon-to-be-ex-wife. Dealing with the 'hounders' - tho that probably won't last very long...

    Remember, we're here for you!!



    Thanks for clearing up the illusion Essan conjured here:

    Esaan said; "This is where your lie about "choice" is exposed. Why do those who disagree often remain? Because they don't want to be disfellowshipped and made an outcast in the Congregation and have their lifelong friends never speak to them again and have family members, even their children, shun them! Because they have no free choice because it has been denied them by this "high control" cult! If they disagree and this becomes known the price in terms of sanctions by the congregation and the terrible consequences thereof can be too much for many people to bear!"

  • FreeAtLast1914

    Congrats! Enjoy your wide-open freedom. I will drink to your courage this evening.

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