Overheard interesting lunch room converstation..............

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  • hybridous

    Thanks for sharing that, WC.

    And yes, your projection of witness sentiment about that same situation is, of course, dead-on.

    It serves to prove something I'm quite fond of saying: If JW are the 'Only True Christians' than Jesus himself was a liar. The end. Each contradicts the other, so only one can be correct. It great to make JWs have to choose which...

  • aniron

    The JW are quick to blow there own trumpet some article in a Watchtower,
    how they helped someone or during some disaster.
    But its only their own they help.

    I once asked a JW, what do they do.
    Attend meetings, go door-to-door.
    That is the sum total of what they do.

    Where is the help to the homeless, drug addicts, single mothers, young people etc?
    Where are they running soup kitchens, clinics, schools, orphanages in the world.

    The church I now attend does all these things, even when it can't afford to.
    They don't ask if someone is a member of the church beforehand.
    Or even if they are Christian.
    We set up and help support a school/clinic in Nigeria where many of the pupils are Muslim.

    Christian organisations are helping in Pakistan taking aid etc, to victims of the floods.
    They didn't say we can't help them, they are Muslims, or "worldly people".

    The JW will say how they are bringing the "good news" to people.
    That they will know they can live in a paradise, if they follow the Watchtower.
    "Jehovah will solve all the problems in His time."
    "Here read this magazine."

    Not much good when your home has been swept away in a flood, or your ill, struggling in the here and now.

    Don't they know the parable of the "Good Samaritan" ?

    They have no concept of putting "Christ into action"

  • hamsterbait

    many years ago I was at the BS, and the doorbell rang.

    It was a couple of Church people collecting for the famine in Ethiopia at the time.

    The Brother just said that "as jehovahs Witnesses we dont believe in contributing to charities. Now please excuse me we are in the middle of a Bible Study."



  • hoser

    Last night at the meeting it was announced for us NOT to give money to worldly people in need.

  • WingCommander

    Hoser: You've got to be kidding me, right? Oh wait, I forgot, we're talking about JW's here - nevermind I can totally see them saying that. They are cheap, hypocritical, pharasitical, TURDS.

    Nothing surprises me anymore with them....NOTHING.

    In a few years when their facilities are all moved to upstate NY, I can totally see them having a calling to come to the compound, much like Jonestown. Really, I can!! They are just getting that far along.

    - Wing Commander

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