How squeamish are you?

by Gregor 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • AudeSapere

    A gnat? #2 (MAYBE #3)

    A fly or a worm? Definite #1. I once found a fly in my pancake at a local restaurant. Yuck!


  • Hope4Others


    Never waste a good glass of wine, besides it'll kill the

  • Hope4Others

    Now tell me there is a worm at the bottom and out it

  • Gregor

    My biggest turn off when eating out is a hair in my food. "Take it back and NO I don't want the order replaced."

    I ordered at a drive through. The young man who gave me my order had bad acne that looked picked at. I took my order and threw it out the window a block away.

    At home, if I recognize a hair as my own or my wifes I might remove it and eat the food, but I might not if it makes me queasy.

    I will not eat lettuce that is even a little rusty around the edges.

    I throw away eggs that show a bloodspot.

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