Please help me publish my book on the JW organisation.

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  • blondie

    Good advice to those publishing a book.

  • wasblind

    If your asking for blind trust, and want me to click the link,

    No can do

  • ruruj

    For No Apologies

    Paranoid much? --- Sure, I am. For a rebel with a cause, I'm not the only one.

    We need to gather the weapons of truth and righteousness to defeat the Watchtower master-slaver and free the captive JWs.

    Do you need another blast from the "Ark of Truth"?

  • ruruj


    Check-out your PM box. ty

  • TheEndIsNigh

    Hey guys, Thanks ever so much for the feedback, Clearly, I understand your worry about links and infiltration of embittered current witnesses seeking to be the wrath of God incarnate. haha. It takes al sorts.

    I decided to try slushpile as an option although at the same time I'm approaching publishers too. Thanks for the advice, Old Goat.

    Just for your info I was in for 21 years, have been out for 25. Father and bro in and elders, Mum and sisters out, thank goodness. I'm disfellowshipped, soon to be labelled as apostate....a high accolade.

    I've read so many books by ex-witnesses and frankly, I wanted to change the style a bit. They all seemed a tad too depressing for my liking. I laugh at the irony and frankly ridiculous way that they live their lives and just have a bit of fun, taking the mickey. After all, they deserve a bit of reciprocal scorn, don't you think.

    Thanks for your help and support.

    Gordon (Douglas Lee)

  • TheEndIsNigh

    VM44....By the way, thanks for the info re the unfinished chapter. I obviously made an error when I popped it in there. I've added it now.


    Gordon :)

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