Funny Field Service Experiences

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I just remember this one. One time I was going door to door in a retirement community. I'm not sure but I think ite was sponsored by the Lutheran Church. I knocked on a door and these two old ladies answered it. They were very excited to see me and asked me in. They told me that they had been expecting me. I remember thinking "this is good". When I told them who I was they freaked out and told me to get out. They had been expecting a visit from a new young minister from their church and instead they got me.

  • jamiebowers

    I don't have any funny experiences, but I was really hoping this thread would be jam packed with them. Yours was very funny!

  • wobble

    Not my own, but my Sis in Law as a young girl ,with her equally young friend (about 9 or 10), approached a front door that was slightly ajar, in the murk of the room they were looking in to they could just make out the shape of a cat sitting there.

    They tapped lightly on the door, and called out "Anyone at home ?"

    The cat replied "Only me the cat" !!!!!!!!

    The weird quavery voice of the "cat" convinced these little indoctrinated girls that the Demons were at work, and they fled.

    I bet the person sitting out of sight who did the cat's voice pissed themselves laughing !

  • Lozhasleft

    I remember one time when the presentation was (I think) the Live Forever brochure and we were told to begin with the paradise picture and the question 'would you like to be in a place like this?' - the lady at the door said sadly 'oh sorry we dont have a tent or a caravan' Lol I nearly wet myself laughing...

    Another time out in the ministry in a navy coat on a rainy winters day here in UK, a lady greeted me so nicely and asked me in. She led me to the lounge with an offer of a cup of tea which I gladly the lounge was her elderly mother apparently just out of hospital waiting to have stitches taken out - lol - they thought I was the district nurse! I didnt get the cuppa....

    Loz x

  • VampireDCLXV

    I don't know if this is funny at all but...

    When I was about 9 and my sister was 7 we were both sent to a door by ourselves and a middle aged lady answered. I was halfway through my standard magazine presentation when the lady screamed at us and said: "SHOVE THOSE MAGAZINES UP YOUR BUM AND DON'T EVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN!" What a terrible thing to say to a couple of cute little kids! As we were leaving my sister burst into tears and for some bizarre reason I just started laughing! A nervous reaction I suppose. I'm sure everyone up and down the street heard the yelling.

    I admit that I have an off the wall, bizarre, morbid, twisted sense of humor that most people just don't get.

    Maybe this thread is a bust?


  • AgentSmith

    While doing isolated territory in the rural area of Limpopo province -South Africa, we split up our car groups to cover more of the little villages.

    We had to get permission to get to them from the land-owners or farmers first.

    During the 'sit down' discussing what we are about with the farmer and his wife they invited us in for some coffee. These farm folk don't get many visitors it seemed.

    Young Agent Smith, about 10 years old, decided to explore, while all this boring chit chat is going on.

    The cows were just milked, or something and streamed past me. I was sitting on the wooden fencing, looking at this very interesting place. The cows were gone now. The tractors were being cleaned, the pigs fed. All new to this city boy! The farm hands were washing out the milking station. This looked like a good place to start exploring.

    Now all the cow dung, bits of straw washed into a section on the farm, that looked firm enough to walk on. Young Agent Smith, that did not know ANYHING about farms decided to walk on this. I mean, its got sand and bits of straw etc all over the place!

    Quick sand has nothing on this [email protected]! I sank down to my waist in watery, stinky get the idea.

    With peals of laughter the farm guys ran over to help me out. I get a bit of a rinse off, and I thanked them for pulling me out. I did not understand the language, but I understood that my little misshap was going to be the most entertainment they were hoping to get for a while.

    As I walked back to the car (I can still hear the hysterical laughter from the barn) I had to explain to my parents what happened. We went back to the campsite in town, with all the car windows open. No more fieldies for me that day!

    Agent Smith

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    For me, there was never anything funny about field service. It's hard for me to believe that I ever engaged in that worthless waste of time.

    And the thought that somebody might have become indoctrinated because of something I said, or through a piece of literature I placed, sickens me

  • watersprout

    The only funny thing i remember was when my sister and i were taken on the ministry with our mother and her ministry partner.

    We ended up at the local vicarage and while mom and her partner were deep in conversation with the vicar, my sister and i decieded to dig up the vicars lovely pebbled drive with the points of our brollies!

    When the vicar politely pointed out what we were doing [there were several big holes at this point] the converstion was quickly terminated! Trouble wasn't the word we got into! Lmao! Don't know if my mom remembers it though!

    Perhaps if i had caused more destruction i would have been banned from going out on the ministry!

  • DaCheech

    once, I was doing service.

    and after doing my introduction, I asked the householder where he would see himself in the future. he pointed across the street and showed me the gates of the cemetery

  • undercover

    My favorite experience, though highly embarrassing at the time because I got so flustered...

    I was about 15 or so and I was at the door with a young cute sister that I sorta had a crush on but had not divulged any feelings about. I was thrilled to just be with her at the moment.

    The door opened and a woman about 30 was standing there in nothing but a see through negligee that was hanging open.

    It was my turn to do the presentation and I couldn't get my thoughts straight or make my mouth work as I was staring right at her partially exposed body. I stammered and stumbled and completely blew whatever it was I was gonna say. I don't even remember how I got through it.

    Back in the car, the sister I was with took great pleasure in telling everyone how red I turned and how I stuttered and stammered. She swore that I said, "h h h h hel l l ooo, M m m my n n n ame is Jehovah's Witnesses and I'm o o one o o of [my name]...

    Embarrasing at the time, funny now and it was my first live, in person nude (or at least semi-nude) all grown up female...

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