Is school back in session where you live?

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    the 9YO starts 4th grade tomorrow (Aug 18). School starts 15 min earlier and ends 10 min earlier..around 210pm. School starts at 8am now. They only go until 10:30am tomorrow. What is the point of that? For the bus riders, they are running a full bus schedule 2 hours apart? No wonder the school budgets are in trouble. For 2 hours? And why start on a Wednesday? Dumb.

    We were supposed to get him into an after school program run by the YWCA at his school three afternoons a week, but the Y emailed and said the state has not finished their licensing quite yet. They were not prepared for an earlier start date.

    We had him meet his teacher last night...but since he is in the gifted program for the district, we knew his teacher in advance. His 3rd grade teacher is next door to his new 4th grade good communication is already in place. (He cant get by with anything. His 2nd grade teacher heard about his not wanting to read this summer already and caught him in the hall last night

    So yes, I am ready....I have been primary caregiver this summer during the day. My work schedule is flexible...and going to his g'parents is not so much I was able to keep that to a minimum....

    Snakes (Rich )

  • tec

    August starts?

    The HORROR!

    School here (Alberta) starts September 1st, which I also thought was early. Usually it starts the day after labour day.


  • Ilovebirthdays

    Thanks to budget cuts, it doesn't start here until Sep. 9th. But it wouldn't have started much earlier, anyway.

    And yes, I'm ready to start with everything again. I have 2 in soccer and help at school and pre-school. The only bad thing is my oldest will now be doing full days, and my youngest is only in preschool 8 1/2 hours a week, and hates it when my oldest is gone.

  • wasblind

    My one and only has left for their junior year at college.

    now i can relax

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, parents of school-age children (and others in the know), for posting these great comments on education's role in your respective communities. Very enlightening and enjoyable to read! Have a happy school year. It was a 20-year spread in the school system for us.



  • wasblind

    A twenty year spread ? Wow !!!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Yeah, wasblind!

    Long time to be making school lunches! At least we didn't "believe" in after school sports and the spirit of competition. Boy, have I changed my opinion on that!


  • truthseekeriam

    My oldest started his Junior year on the 11th (scary) Fall soccer season just started Wed.

    Just call me the taxi driver

  • Nowman

    My 11 and 13 year old start tomorrow. It is earlier than last year by a week and 1/2 or so, but they get out at the end of May 2011, normally they go to early June. This was the reason in our district, early start, early out.


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