Who knows how many posters on here from west coast B.C. Any meet-ups?

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  • misguided

    misguided, you have a PM. EDIT: I forgot to ask you if anything happened in Calgary. Did a get together work out there? Is it still on? Lemme know.

    No, I didn't get to meet up with anyone in Calgary.

    My ex-jw friend (since we were 5) who still lives in Vancouver, put together a mini-apostafest together for my birthday a couple of years ago. She's never posted here, but she had an ex-elder from my KH here named Martin Wong, as well as a few others. We should really try to get this thing together.

    I'm coming down to the coast on August 26 to 30th to visit my family and friends, and go to the PNE.

  • Hadit

    Finally! People near me! Yay - count me in

  • VampireDCLXV

    Hadit? You're a BCer too?

    That's awesome! We've got another one clarity! We've just heard again from misguided too. You think we can pull off something short notice? Who knows. I suppose there's always going to clashing schedules somewhere. Anyone else got dates in mind? Let's get talkng! Let's get busy! Woo Hoo! PM's all around.



    I'm a west-coaster, too! Vancouver

    About five years ago there were a few meet-ups. I attended one where there were about 15 of us. But we have not kept in touch with each other. Busy-ness of life, I suppose.


  • clarity

    Hi Estee - thanks for your reply. It sounds like you have experience meeting up with 'new' people from the xwatchtower world. Life does get very busy. For those who would like to get in touch with those of like mind and have some association ... watch for my post, in the next week, on members Apostafests & Get-to-gethers.


  • VampireDCLXV

    Hi all,

    In case you missed it, clarity moved futher discussion about the get-together(s) to the thread below under Apostafests & Get-togethers for the sake of more privacy:


    If anyone lives in the lower mainland can lend a hand, let us know via PM. It can't be just a one man/woman show. Thanks all.


    PS: ESTEE you have a PM.

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