I've Completely Abandoned My Principles~~For Gals

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  • Quillsky
    Well ladies I would just like to say, as a chappy, I much prefer a lady au naturale, looking and smelling fresh from the shower

    Ha! Most men say that. They don't like (neither do I) the "made-up" look. It takes a lot of work to get a lady looking fresh au naturale. Our secret is that you don't usually realize how much work it takes!! Seriously, the natural look can take some time.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I wish I could wear a face full of makeup and pull it off. The women in my family just seem to look better without it. You're not selling out. I think whatever makes you feel good at the moment is what you should do. You may go barefaced from time to time again. Sometimes we just need a change of pace.

    I have one aunt who usually makes her face up daily. She looks like the rest of us only more gorgeous. One day she did my makeup for me and I was like "wow" I didn't want to wash my face. Alas, I tried on my own and looked like a clown. So from then on, whenever I needed to wear makeup I let someone else do it for me.

    I love looking at women who wear makeup well. They look soooo pretty. It really is an art.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I don't like to spend all that time on myself putting on make-up, so I use moisturizer (natural part of washing, really), mascara, and that new stuff that stays on your lips for two days.

    My mom wears way too much make-up and it's way too dark.

    I've always done mine, if I wore it at all, understated.

  • StAnn

    I did go on line and look up how to apply makeup if you're over 45 and learned two things: no liquid foundation and less is more. So I'm using a powdery foundation and very neutral colors. Looks good and it's not heavy, the way I remember makeup being in my younger days. Maybe that heaviness was the liquid foundation.

    Question about foundation: do you put it just on the face or on the neck also?

  • nelly136

    just carry on brushing down under your jawline/chin lightly into your neck so you dont get the stops dead orange jaw edge look

  • nelly136

    and try and make sure you got lots of light cos what looks great in front of a house mirror can scare the beejebus out of you when you catch a glimps in your rear view mirror as you get in the car in daylight.

  • wasblind

    I keep my tresses trimmed, and my eyebrows waxed and a nice colored lip tint on

    i found that less is better as you get older (in this system ) that usually does it for me.

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