Current GB Members?

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  • confliction

    I was speaking with someone who would like to know, does anyone know exactly who the current GB members are? e.g. Names?

  • blondie

    I googled this. Ted Jaracz died earlier this year. Otherwise the rest are still kicking.

  • Gayle

    John E. Barr - born 1913
    1960 married Mildred Willett

    Guy H. Pierce - born 1934
    raised a family (to be verified, 2 step-sons, 1 biologicial?)

    Samuel F. Herd - born 1935
    wife, Gloria

    Gerrit Lösch - born 1941
    wife, Merete

    David H. Splane - 1944
    wife, Linda

    Stephen Lett – born 1949, partaker by 1969 (20 yrs old)
    wife, Susan

    Anthony Morris III – born 1950
    married, two sons (at Bethel?), pioneer 1971

    Geoffrey Jackson – born 1955, pioneer 1971
    wife, Jeanette.

  • confliction

    Thanks blondie!

  • agonus

    Off the top o'my head:

    David Splane, Gerrit Losch, Samuel Herd, Stephen Lett, Jack Barr, Guy Pierce, Anthony Morris, Geoff Jackson... this appears to correspond with the current Wikipedia page... correct me if I'm wrong?

  • agonus

    whoops, they beat me to it

  • asilentone

    Gayle, how do you know that Stephen Lett was 20 when he partook the emblems?

  • agonus

    Barr is the last of the Old Guard. (the only one born before 1914). It is a testament to the depravity of the new crop of thugs that they've used poor old senile Jack to pimp the new 'overlapping generations" horseshit.

  • agonus

    According to several posters, Splane was a teenager when he started partaking...

  • agonus

    Splane gets an unusual amount of facetime in the new DVD. If the WT is positioning him as the new "frontman", i.e. the new "public" face of the org, they couldn't have made a poorer choice. Several folks have commented (myself included) that hearing him speak at the conventions sent up some HUGE red flags that something is rotten in Wallkill...

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