Have you ever considered completely abandoning the people in the so-called "Truth"

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  • gubberningbody

    Blondie, you seem to be a serious, and loyal person. You're a bit of an anomaly - seemingly conservative and yet with a flair for the weird. Why not just embrace that and get a new family?

    I might have stayed, except for two things:

    1. I don't negotiate, ever. I give what I'm going to give and if you ask for one penny more, then you've asked for it and God help you.

    2. My wife became their target.

    If I had stayed you'd be reading about me in the news.

    What my fellow elders wanted me to do was to have me put my wife in her place or let them do it.

    I have one nuclear button and she is it. Touch that and make no mistake about it, they will not find the body.

    Since I know this about myself I chose to cut it all off completely.

    Congrats Shirly and Leavingwt... :)


    More power to you. Yo remind me of Otis on the old Andy Griffith show.

    Cantleave... you can. They are shutting the doors. Consider that you are sending funds to those who are doing evil with these instead of sending funds to those with whom you could be at harmony with.

    CandlelLight - it is a truth that to accept the views of others of YOU will affect negatively your own views of yourself. You do have limitations and these are human ones.

  • tec

    But they are the ones with all the rules, not me. I dont have limitations.

    I like this. A lot.

    GB - I think she is saying that no one else can tell her what she can feel or do. She is not limited by others' rules.

  • teela(2)

    Done. Parents both passed, no family or extended relatives in. The only connection is my sisters sister in law, (her husbands sister) who converted 10 years ago She still does not know own family history and my sister has threated me if I talk. So we just avoid the whole subject and if she insists on bring up religion I ask innocently if thats the one that said the world was going to end in 1975. She disagreed I said we ought do a search on the net and she dropped it ( I think she did not want to start talking about Satan controlling, evil apostates etc) So any family meals with her are such fun playing cat and mouse with my sister and her sister in law.

    Back to the question. Abandoning is not the right description. I have nothing in common with these people. I have 4 papers left to complete a bachelors with a double major. A wonderful husband and a great social life. I have fun hobbies, beekeeping, quilting and recently machine knitting.They seemed to have stopped still, slowly walking the streets, saying the same old thngs waiting for life to happen. To be honest after speaking to the witnesses I always feel better and they seem sadder and older.

  • gubberningbody

    Sure that's her point, tec, and my rejoiner suggested she was fooling herself if she thought herself to be immune to the negative influence of those who still stubbornly adhere to borg-rule.



    Otis..Thats funny..I watched that show all the time when I was a Kid..

    I don`t hang out with JW`s 24/7..It only happens once in a very long while..

    Most of the time I don`t see any of them..


  • tec

    and my rejoiner suggested she was fooling herself if she thought herself to be immune to the negative influence of those who still stubbornly adhere to borg-rule.


    Perhaps then, she is willing to suffer this for love of her family and friends. I like that she is not repaying mistreatment with mistreatment - no matter if it seems justified or not.


  • asilentone

    Nope, I still like some people in the "truth". Majority of my family are JWs, so I would not consider to abandon them. End of Story!

  • blondie

    gubberning, I have had a new family for some time, a loving husband,a good friend at work, a neighbor I recontacted from high school. Those who have read parts of my bio know that my father was a pedophile, molested all his children, our jw mother did not protect us. But they are all "good" jws and screwed up even for jws. I'm not sure what you meant.

  • gubberningbody

    Blondie, you said "I just don't make myself a target.". That sounded as if you maintained relationships with abusive people.

    In any case this post is just something to think about. I think it's pretty clear what I think. People can take it or leave it just like they do anything else on any message board. I certainly don't plan to dwell on this.

  • wobble

    Interesting post , Gubs,

    as it made me look at my attitude to friends and family still in. At one time I felt I would make an effort to keep contact going,primarily with the thought that I could help some of my family, or "friends", to wake up.

    I do not do that now, just the occasional conversation with my Mother and perhaps one of my sisters. No talk of religion, just family stuff.

    They don't invite us to any family gatherings as far as I can see, unless there have been none (?) I expend little effort on keeping any friendship going with any Dub, relative or not, I just have nothing in common with them.

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