Why I Don't Believe in God or Organized Religion

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  • tec

    Funny... I didn't see that this thread was from a year ago, and I was reading it, then the comments. Then I saw that I had also commented (still not realizing the timeline), and I was... . Same thing popped out at me though :)



  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Thanks ranmac - yes, the whole timesheet and hour requirement thing always seemed so poetty for an entity responsible for creating the known universe. Just didn't compute.

    Tec - lol. That's happened to me a couple of times as well!

  • ziddina

    Well, hello there!

    I enjoyed your opening post - and thanks for bumping your thread again.

    I had a somewhat similar experience, though it happened AFTER I'd left the JWs...

    I began researching religion in general, not just the Bronze-Age Middle-Eastern Three - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    I read an author's comment that the EARLIEST deities were all 'goddesses', and I was off!!

    Looking into that comment, I was amazed to find that, indeed, the earliest deities worshipped WERE "goddesses" - some of them being 'worshipped' - or at least carved into representations - at ages well over two hundred thousand years....

    Which actually predates Homo sapien.

    Such information was mind-boggling - but definitely proved to me that the Middle-Eastern male deities so commonly worshipped today, CANNOT be "true" deities - cannot EXIST - at all.

    Welcome back to the board!

    Zid - the board's She-Devil

  • tootired2care

    BM - I enjoyed your post. I've recently come to this realization myself; the idea that God in his infinite power would create a system where he would micromanage our lives and view and judge every private action and thought is repulsive to me. The world thoroughly rejected the idea of the Stalinistic style of goverment/tyranny (excluding uber-liberals of course) of controlling everyones lives. How is what the bible presents as what God expects of us, and wants to be involved in our lives any different? So much for free will!

    Hitchins put it well, when he classified this whole idea as a "celestial dictatorship". Do a seach for some of his debates on youtube, they are very eye opening.

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